Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) as usual of his manufacturing defect was on steering wheel of his car yesterday, inspite of the fact that he was a confirmed incompetent authority to negotiate its functionalities. The resultant effect was huge damage to the car and ONLY due to divine intervention loss to life and properties of other people, was averted. BBD is paying the price by licking the wounds at Meerut and hopefully will be left out with 31 teeth now onwards. BBD is moaning of the physical pain that was caused by his own misadventure – but at the same time, he is moaning with some mental pain. This write up is inspired by the direction of his old friend and wonderful gentleman named as Shri A.N. Das of Bhubaneshwar.

The incident – zooming of the car was initiated due to misplaced identity between the brake and accelerator. The misadventure was only for a few seconds; however, the brain was working that led the steering wheel to direct towards available obstacle – the saviour – the Palm tree. Damage was most mitigated.

Incidentally, BBD finds same analogy in lending to Agriculture sector by the FI of Aryavarta – no exception, whether it is cooperative sector, private sector, RRBs, CBs (including state owned), whether it is BMARU Pradesh or Kiskindha Pradesh or Malay Pradesh. All of us, jointly and severally playing with our real Annadata – the farmers. Highly incompetent persons like BBD, who cannot differentiate between a brake and accelerator is on driver seat, and brain is under control of an alien. The alien directed the Banking system to double the Agricultural Credit with a specified period. The accelerator worked too fast and complied within the specified period. BUT NO THOUGHT GIVEN on production front. A good number of farmers – unfortunately – fell in virtual debt-trap. Only God knows, whether there is saviour like the Palm tree – as BBD is moaning to find that our Annadata is left alone at the cross road – either he is financed much much more than what actually he needs (like KCC+Debt swap+LD+Farmhouse and blaw blaw types of other Shortcuts) to add miseries – JL(Agri) OR left out with request on deaf ears. Few months back, BBD was in front of a Senior Branch Manager of a rural branch of the Lead Bank in one of the most agricultural prosperous part of the country and wanted to know with him as to how much loan he can get (hypothetical question) based upon factual land holding and proposed cropping pettern. Same Bank, same branch 3 answers – Branch Head opined INR 50K, Astt. Manager (credit) was of the view of 100K and the Astt. Manager (Rural Development) was of view of 150K. Mind boggling – what is happening, and where are we leading to? And believe BBD, this is not a stray incident. Such population is in majority – simply playing with the farmers. Another way to legally create hurdle towards growth of meagre savings of the farmer is by way of Crop Insurance – BBD is of his opinion that once again jointly and severally, we are looting the Peter to pass on the benefits to Paul.

This is the cause of mental pain to BBD and we talk of System and procedure.


Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) is shell shocked to observe the recent episode of arrest of CMD of Syndicate Bank and widespread media coverage starting from one particular electronic channel, even though the process of raid was ‘in process.’
BBD had firsthand experience of such exercise since 1998 starting from ‘Ayurved scam’ of Uttam Pradesh. To him Punishment is a conventional device for the expression of attitudes of resentment and indignation, and of judgments of disapproval and reprobation, on the part either of the punishing authority himself or of those “in whose name” the punishment is inflicted. Punishment, in short, has a symbolic significance largely missing from other kinds of penalties. The morality of punishment rests upon theories of deterrence, retribution, just deserts, rehabilitation, incapacitation, and most recently, restorative justice. These theories attempt to justify society’s imposition of punishment on offenders and try to provide an adequate ethical rationale for inflicting harm. Deterrence maintains that people are deterred from crime because they are concerned about the possible consequences of their actions. Utilitarian philosophers first put forward this justification for punishment. Retribution theorists argue that punishment is justified because it is deserved, and punishment therefore becomes a question of responsibility and accountability for acts that harm society. Retribution is justified in a number of ways, including the notion that offenders are paying their debt to society, that they are being censured by society, and that punishment has an expressive character that ought to be communicated to an offender. Purpose of punishment, as BBD infers are:
• Punishment will stop the offender from committing further crimes.
• Punishment tells the victim that society disapproves of the harm that he or she has suffered.
• Punishment discourages others from doing the same thing.
• Punishment protects society from dangerous or dishonest people.
• Punishment allows an offender to make amends for the harm he or she has caused.
• Punishment ensures that people understand that laws are there to be obeyed.

The entire process of delivery of the humiliating sentence that this episode has inflicted not only to an individual; but to an entire fraternity called backbone of economy of the country needs proper and threadbare view with open mind. Let us examine the episode from all angles as we do not know the truth, only purpose is to convey the very personal feelings to all his fellow friends whose conscience is clear – PL DO NOT ALLOW FEELINGS OF SHAME OR REGRET CREEP INTO YOU. If at all the individual is guilty, let him go to gallows – NO SYMPATHY. Individuals may be wrong – not the organisation. The banking system has contributed tremendously for the people. Let us be proud of our efforts and achievements. This is not any emotional preachy type speech. Pl examine by yourself:
• Based on circumstantial evidence and other monetary findings that is available on public domain, what punishment can be awarded.
• Collateral damage to the System by Media trial and publicity thereafter – if you can quantify, pl do and take your inference.
• Dent in image of the Banking system in national/international fora, quantify if you can.

Put all and evaluate, is it ok, what has happened, the way it has surfaced, whether the entire hype of vigilance has been successful in curbing/mitigating such reputational/financial risk? Was only this way left out for the power to handle such situation?
And we talk of system and procedure!

Do you agree?

It is a well known fact that management plays a vital role in shaping the future of any organization as the optimum utilization of all resources hinges upon the efficacy of the management. The core of a successful management lies in its Clarity of Vision, Plan of Action and more importantly Execution of the Plan of Action – the real gamut of operations as it were, and it is here that the importance of Corporate Governance and Ethics comes into being. Our earlier Hon’ble Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh had said that whereas our policies and systems are good but the implementation needs much to be desired. Organisations are managed by Policies, Guidelines and Systems. These are dynamic instruments, and therefore need to be reviewed from time to time to gauge their efficacy to the said organization. This review is all the more necessary when a lapse or an untoward incident takes place. It could happen that the review undertaken reveals that the said policy is very much sound and in place, however over a period of time wrong practices have come into being, and which are the reasons for the problems that have occurred, therefore corrective steps need to be taken forthwith. A review could also reveal that the problems have occurred in spite of the policy in place, and which means that the policies would need to be modified or amended as the case may be in the best interest of the organization.

Normally, decisions are being taken within the framework of the policies and guidelines in place. Now, there could be critical situations wherein the policy in question would need to be slightly deviated from, in order to take the right decision, in the best interests of the organization. In such situations, a very clear and precise note should be brought out giving the reasons which necessitated the said deviation from the policy. The said note should also contain the implications to the organization if the decision was not taken. This would serve as a very Transparent and an Objective analysis, bringing out the need for deviation from the policy on this “case specific” issue, whereas the said policy in principle would continue on an as is where is basis. Experience has taught us that it is the Economic Downturn, as we witness worldwide today, rather than Up Swing, which raises sharp focus on issues relating to Ethics & Corporate Governance.

The two Major Reasons for Corporate failures have been “Greed” and “Excess Leverage”. The moot point is whether these two need to be completely done away with? If so, what is the Incentive for Aggressive growth and competition? If not, how are these to be kept within controllable limits and yet higher growth achieved? It is here that Business Ethics & Corporate Governance need to be focused on.

Whether it was abroad in the U.S. earlier, or more recent, and nearer home, it is seen that a “slip” in Corporate Governance is always initiated by the Promoters themselves. Do you agree?


Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) has now entered into a new phase from the first day 2014, with lots of hope and sufficiently enough apprehension to keep living. Now, he is in Wild West Uttam Pradesh (WWUP). He visited his most favourite place – sabzi mandi near old Bus-stand. Even after more than 3 decades down the timeline, there is change of faces only. Absolutely there is no change from the jugglery and jargons of ‘MARKETING’. No space for better halves. So, if you wish to enjoy, be with only yourself or get the company of your very personal buddy (excluding fair sex strictly). People may look at you strangely if you carry a carry bag to so avoid plastic carry packs (bags). They are offered freely. No matter how much hazardous those freebies are.

Trading is brisk. Now, this part of WWUP has made much headway in trade of one of the most primitively identified with everlasting scope of growth that is FEAR (DARR). When BBD came to this place first, not a single naam-lewa of Shani maharaj – but for some funny looking one or two persons to be seen only for few hours with aluminium can on Saturdays for collecting mustard oil. Now, so far, BBD could see 3 permanent RCC built place called mandirs. During evening hours, huge crowd may be found in such places and some nice illumination around tree trunks of left over peepal trees. Brisk trading of this commodity (FEAR) – which is in very high demand, can be experienced at the road from Delhi towards the place at Vaishali Metro station. Lot of budding sellers in various shapes and sizes making very hard R&D work can be seen. You can easily infer that there is no presence of governance of any kind. This group of traders have upper hand at all places developing their business on the cost of our better halves. The impact is visible seen on the faces of our behan and beti, particularly after sun-set. Now, no public place in this city is devoid of such brisk business.

This FMCG (FEAR) trading is perfected by our Bhagya vidhaatas (both number 1 and 2) with mind-boggling success.

gR8 Gabbar Singh (GGS) once told “jo darr gaya o mar gaya”. He also told “Gabbar Singh se ke pratap se koi bacha sakta hai to woh hai sirf Gabbar Singh…”. BBD is confused (as usual), whether he is dead now or still alive, as he could see the same shadow of this FMCG (FEAR) in the faces of our “Nayak from Kaushambi”, Manish, Kumar Vishwas et-al. Kya ye hai …… ya mere nzron ka kusoor?


Series of vidhwa vilap from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality
– full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) was enjoying an old Hindi movie named as “Ab tak Chhappan” – a Nana Patekar starrer. Those who have enjoyed this movie may recollect the last scenes of the movie when Sadhu Agashe (the main Character) is ridiculed by the villain, as to whether Sadhu Agashe had the requisite STRENGTH, “Jo saala apni bibi ko nahi bacha saka, wo strength ki baat karta hai (fellow stupid Sadhu could not save his wife and talks of strength – my foot)”. BBD did find the same ridicule in the minds of good number of people in the organization, where he served with the best of his all STRENGTH. The list of well wishers of BBD contains host of individuals in the power that runs the country like Principal Secretary/Joint Secretary/ADGP of state Police/Political Bigwigs/ Members of TMGS of various nationalized Banks to a temporary menial worker of RRB. But, BBD could not recollect names of 3 Zamirs in his life.
Saala, BBD apne to relegate hone se aur publicly humiliate hone se nah bacha saka {stupid BBD could not save himself from relation and humiliation of highest orders by few individual Competent Authority of the organization which he served with all his sincerity (and blaw blaw) and talks of strength and refers big names}
However, there may be again a huge list of people who were rubbed on wrong side by BBD during discharging his DUTIES, which he is proud that he did it with a deadly precision.
BBD, recollects one such occasion. It was the summer of 2002, when he faced the terrible heat of Pataliputra. The unit, which he was heading had 12 DRT cases (of which 9 were once upon a time TOD in CA with nothing to fall upon), 93 SF cases (of which 73 were only in the form of useless paper bundles having only negative value) and 3 time barred DDs. The unit was notoriously infamous for all sorts of punishment – right from the Ombudsman to Consumer fora and more than a million in CCPD account. The greatest achiever was the Legal advisor, who rose from rags to rich – thanks to the Organization having Office without Head (grey matter)
One fine morning BBD received a letter from the Hon’ble Competent Court as to why not the case be dropped for further servicing as the case is purported to be against a dead man. 96 days time was granted to BBD either to furnish the details of legal heirs or the case will be flushed out. As per the practice, the job was assigned to the officer handling recovery department. After lapse of nearly 60 days the gR8 officer, who was privileged to be retained in the same unit even after various issues, only because he was a very close relative of a very powerful POWER that was. Now, only 36 days (factually less than a month working days). The SF debtor reported died in a plane crash few years back. The entire workforce was blissfully ignorant of the list of casualties. So, BBD first approached the office of the airliner to know the name of beneficiary who received the compensation. After making series of visits, what BBD got was boots of the retiring Branch Head of the airliner. By the time, only 20 days were left to respond the Hon’ble Court. Next step taken by BBD, was to find details of beneficiary from LIC as one among the charged securities was LIP. After, few visits, BBD could find the docket at the branch of LIC, which contained only few useless papers of communication. The time cloak was hammering BBD’s skull. Next step, BBD took that he visited the concerned Police station, where the FIR was lodged of the air crash. BBD got the vital clue that Rs.6.00 Lakhs was paid as Cash and the job to the wife of SF debtor was announced by the then Hon’ble aviation minister Shri Sharad Yadav ji. Now, only 6 days were available to BBD. BBD due to his various well wishers could find that she was posted in Delhi and her name was Madam from Muzaffarpur (MfM). By the time, an individual could locate her in Delhi, it was gathered that she was transferred to Kolkata, and presently she was posted at the Kolkata airport. Now, BBD was having only few working hours at his disposal to respond the Hon’ble designated Court. Without wasting time, BBD could get the contact FAX number of the lady and a letter was FAXED by BBD which contained only fabricated lies. BBD, by that time had gathered that it was the father of the SF debtor, who was a working engineer in the state department, was actual borrower doing all activities in the name of his son – (the SF debtor) who had informed the Hon’ble Court through an anonymous letter that their time is wasted in dealing a case against a dead man, had thrown his daughter in law from his house after death of his son, and MfM was going to remarry soon to a gentleman from Gujarat. MfM was also blessed with a son.
Within virtually no time MfM responded the FAX and claimed that she along with her minor son were the legal heirs. BBD could approach the Hon’ble designated court with all documentary evidence well within the time; and the case was restored. Readers may just imagine the volley of curses and abuses that BBD experienced when MfM received a letter from the Hon’ble Court. BBD was sad for the mischief that he played with MfM, but not ashamed as he felt that he was performing the duty with deadly precision.
To conclude, BBD recollects that movie that he witnessed during afternoon of the day – named as Jaane bhi do yaron. BBD is relegated, and two of his well wishers – Arbind and Mishra ji had faced enough humiliation by the Competent Authority of the organization. And we talk of system and procedure!

SYSTEM–my-FOOT Series of vidhwa vilap from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality – full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

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II Vakratunda Mahakaya Suryakotishamprabhah II
II Nirvighnim kuru me dev sarvakaryeshu sarvada II

II Sadatmarupam sakalibhootam amadhinam soham achintyaroopam II
II Aadimadhyantvihinam twamekam ekdantam sharanam vrajamah II

II Radhakrishnavaham vande kishaurau peetshyamlou II
II Yabhyam bina na labhyante mangaalani sukhani cha II


O Ishan, I pray you, the one who is the LORD of all, an eternal nirvana – bliss, resplendent, omnipresent and is all Vedas in totality. I adore you who is without change, passionless, immeasurable. I bow prostrate to you who is without in the framework of form or shape, font of all sounds and is the fourth impersonal state of atman, who is beyond the scope of tongue, knowledge and all organs of senses. You, the LORD of Himalayas who is fierce, even the destroyer of kaal, a benevolent, abode of qualities and beyond the universe. I bow to you who is profound, in the minds of all living beings. Font of Immense splendour and wealth, shining forehead font of playful and enticing GANGES, with a crescent moon and garland of King Cobra in the neck, you are my LORD. Blue throat, benevolent, skull-cup garland, you are the dearest among all LORDS to everyone. I adore the Bavanipati, who is fierce, immense brave, mature beyond everyone, indivisible, unborn, resplendent like millions of SUN, who manage kama, moksha, moha and makes us dispassionate, holding a trident and can be approached by all and sundry. Auspicious, cause and end of the universe, o LORD please provide me enough courage and eternal bliss minus ignorance, abundant passion. I simply do not know formal way of puja, jap, prayer, still I am bowing continuously. Save me from rebirth, grief, sins and give abundant courage to reinforce the belief of Satyamev Jayate.

“Deh shiva vaar mohe – shubh karman te kabhoaun na daroon …….

Satnam wahe guru …..”