GLIMPSES from the LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS – visit to a centre of EXCELLENCE 

An emergency call made Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) to rush to SANJAY GANDHI POST GRADUATE INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES at Lucknow in notoriously infamous Uttam Pradesh. This popularly called as PGI. As a tag of government organisation was attached to it – BBD had given concurrence to is bro to be admitted to this government hospital for treatment of an emergent medical problem. One among the well wishers of BBD – Shri M C Rastogi (for others and Mukesh Bhai for BBD) stays nearby. So BBD preferred to stay with the family of Mukesh Bhai.

The bro was already admitted, treatment started and the full process was put to action at the same speed efficacy and professionalism right from a sweeper to the HoD. 

Simply unbelievable traits still found in any government department in his own Wild Uttam Pradesh among all sections the entire gamut of delivery channel. In true sense SGPGIMS Lucknow has proved to be a centre of Excellence.

Then, another example of  Khudai Khidmatgaar – Ms Mumtaz a lady tailor by profession but service to the humanities by passion. She was introduced by Mukesh Bhai. After hearing certain tit bits of her contribution as to how she helps any hapless patients in getting appointment and extending all assistance – of course non monitory inputs was in all senses simply great. It was moments of pride for BBD for few moments. Her basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology was mind boggling. BBD could not gather details of her academics – but who needs it? She was a living example of Munna Bhai MBBS minus his grey areas and without any company of Circuit likes.

Really an example of true MERA BHARAT MAHAAN. Salutes to all in SGPGIMS Lucknow and Ms Mumtaz. 



A lovely morning with romantic atmosphere cool breeze abundant Sunshine quite wide balcony from where you can see enjoy life and styles of pigeons a herd of attendents in process of preparing for your Sunday brunch – what else you can ask from life? The only missing point is FAMILY – your biological family.

Kabhi kisi ko mukammal jehan nahi milta! So relax and thank God for his various blessings to celebrate LIFE at IICA Manesar.

Now some strange thoughts started creeping into the mind of BBD. Asking questions and inviting debate is in the DNA of BBD.

The question is about emergence of a VVIP in Indraprastha or say Aryavarta! No points for guessing! The most interesting political character after Lalu bhaiya. Talking nonsensical impossible. Following same nonsensical impossible and expecting same from others. A wonderful disrupter in the guise of an agitator on the path to become a garden variety of Despot. Besides his mental assets as declared by him has got only four mufflers.

Let us hope some more episodes from him to make BBD engaged in Portblair from next months and beyond ….



This chap has once again gone into some spiritual zone (ofcourse without influence of spirit) on the first day of a fresh new year. This day was greeted by suffocating air pollution affecting even normal breath compelling him to undergo morning walk with a mask.

Now, BBD is seriously(!) thinking about the curse, we the people from this part of the sub continent are subjected to by the destiny. After churning out the thought process in the grey matter of BBD the outcome is normally pathetic tragic.

Once upon a time, there was  a crusader (if permitted), BBD may call him Robinson Crussoe of our times or Vishwamitra of ancient times. His name was T.N. Sesan an IAS officer, who made  efforts to let the people of this country feel the power of Democracy.

But, when he ventured into harsh reality, his DEPOSITs in the election process was confiscated because he could not  get the minimum support – but during the same period a notoriously infamous surrendered dacoit (debatable from social engineering point of view- who took revenge by killing people and ultimately ended her life through the same route) became people’s choice and represented them as Hon’ble Member Parliament.

Then, there was one gentleman great thinker named Abraham Lincoln, who defined Democracy as the governance by the people of the people and for the people – but we the people from this part of geography have proved having better IQ and redefined in one go – the governance people deserve (thanks to LARA dynasty of erstwhile greatest empire Magadh). Magadh – once upon a time was world’s most powerful governance – Mahapdma Nand.    What an irony! Magadh – present and past was ruled by not elite(?) group – but by OBC/MBC (as per typical definition coined by the polity justifying this through so call social engineering). Still all the rulers and we the people want to remain only BACKWARD at one hand and think that WE ARE the GREATEST! For arriving at any inference, please deduct the period of rulers who invaded us like Mughals and British etc. etc.

To add insult to injury, our own KAALE-ANGREZ or Mlechchh (words coined by another group of the society) we created, nurtured and allowed them to inflict wounds on us; and just like the poison invented JARAWAs of Andamans – will never allow the wounds to get heal.

First, our Chacha and Bapu although preached SATYAMEV JAYATE – but never allowed us to know the truth. BBD is thoroughly confused at why we are called INDIA and Indians, how come present national anthem is NATIONAL ANTHEM! Such actions were opposed by so called SAMAJWADI. Result – no points to guess. Zanab Abdul Gafoor Saheb led governance was opposed by LALU/NITISH/Sushil combo to begin with – but ended with Gafoor Saheb said ALWIDA under LARA dynasty, and LALU/NITISH/INC are Mahagathvandhan. Another group declared as THEY are DIFFERENT. Javed Zaffry (Maggy fame) was a better actor than their leader who said, we are different.

During election of Indraprastha, the party accepted a lady well established as tool of good governance to be their leader. We, the people of Indraprastha dumped her mercilessly and opted for real JOCKER who always claimed that I am the BEST. See, the result as of now. The lady has gone into hibernation, the party has forgotten her and the JOCKER is providing good entertainment instead of good governance; and all of us are enjoying the show by not realizing the fact   YE  KANHA AA GAYE HUM yoon hi saath saath chalke.

To BBD, this is the fact – but REMORSE?






  •  Meticulously planned and well executed crowd management by men in uniform (MiU) at NDLS Train No.12304 of 23122015

It was a pleasant surprise for BBD to see a well disciplined que at platform No.16 of NDLS under strict and vigil supervision of young , smart, well behaved MiU. To start with, he (BBD)could see an elderly Muslim gentleman with traditionally recognisable attire; and nicely developed, groomed members of his progeny. From the very core of his heart BBD thanked the MiU for being so concerned for helping the AAM AADMI who could not afford properly reserved train journey that too with huge luggage and family consisting of infants ladies and an elderly family head.

The most smart MiU was quite inquisitive of presence of BBD in that part of well groomed island – but did not ask any question.

Meanwhile, people were coming in as individual and in groups – had small talk and got directions from MiU as to whether to fall in line.

BBD could find various sub groups were made, monitored and merged; with the main stream led by that elderly Muslim gentleman who was relegated to 70th rank now due to some factors made known to BBD latter.

BBD could make out financials were the main consideration for various layers of the sub groups.

When the train arrived, now the physical strength was the criteria to penetrate into the bogey. About 300 AAM AADMI were well managed by MiU. This arrangement was wonderful and a situation of WIN WIN to all. MERA BHAARAT really MAHAAN

GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (-Do you really love Your GEN-NEXT? – time to introspect honestly- continued)

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) feels that if Schools die, civilization will deteriorate. Unless, we jointly and severally recognise the need for critically examine the present situation, we will be unable to arrest the trend, either our GEN-NEXT will see these great institutions lost in oblivion or transforming into consultancy services leaving the space open for tuition shops.

Let us introspect. Thanks to present polity, economics and other factors of the society, Govt. run Schools are facing low attendance due to standard and available infrastructures and allied factors. Our respected Guru ji perform all jobs like survey/election duties/politics (unionism especially) etc. etc. on cost of their basic duties. Teachers lost motivation and most of them become disgruntled – ultimately good number of them joined active politics of its own cl(r)ass. The whole situation led to growth of a self-centered attitude and gave birth to absenteeism and unions with restrictive practices thinking of their own welfare first and foremost without giving much thought to the functioning of Schools or the quality of education. Our policy makers did all sorts of experiments particularly during 1950s and subsequent years. There was rampant and mindless growth in physical numbers of schools without infrastructure. Salary of teachers which was meagre and “… if you pay peanuts – you will get only monkeys…’’ was the result got changed. Thanks to various experiments like Sarva Shikhsa Abhiyaan and such mindless pumping of money – financial balance sheets of our Guru ji changed – but nobody gave any thought over quality and standard. Apparent lack of understanding of what good education demands and flawed policies resulted in drop outs and culminating into present situation of closing down the temple of learning.

The entire gamut – particularly among major populace created parental anxiety in the society, and created good market for Private Sector Schools

Private Schools function for profit. The idea itself counters the idea of a caring School. A good School is where knowledge is cherished, and where intellect is cherished, intellect is developed; and where there is sensitivity towards the child and where there are adequate resources. Maximisation of profit prompts the promoters of Schools in private sector to lay more emphasis on competition rather than conceptual learning. Private Schools by and large force the students to learn by rote and this undermines the basic value of understanding. Factual learning demands conceptual clarity, difficult and time taking.

The most alarming aspect of present day schooling is that parents and schools have joined inadvertently in such a way that nobody want to take responsibility for the moral growth and behaviour of the child. If a child has any moral and behavioural problems, these schools will call the parents to solve the problem. For academic weakness these schools advise private tuitions – thus they abdicate the responsibility of an educator.

We, the people as society seem to be far from realising that civilizations depend on good education and good basic schools are the prime requirement. BBD apprehends, we may have lands but not the man to cultivate, good gracious buildings creating generation with no culture/character and self destructive creatures. These creature will be neither healthy physically nor mentally. We are willingly committing a crime against our own GEN-NEXT.

Time to think and act. JAAGO RE