– Frustration, agony; and anguish of National Didi

Probably it was winter of 1972, an young local leader from Barashal district of newly formed Bangladesh found a green pasture in north Andaman. Ritually, it was barren land but this great man had vision, who latter on made an unique history. During 1971, the then leadership could not visualise true pictures of times to come.

Instead of allowing the statusquo they found appropriate to allow a new nation to emerge at one hand and allow hundred thousands of refugees to take advantage of better living conditions and an emotionally stupid local inhabitants. Those people enjoyed the resources which were created for WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA. Although not wanted, they become occupant of natural resources with tactic support of the then dispensations. Bhadroloks of Bengal, instead of protesting preferred to migrate to the then Central Provinces, Bangalore and other places, making space for them to pollute nearby places like Kolkata, Bihar, Assam and Islands.

This young Bangladeshi subsequently became lawmaker for nearly 4 decades, representing the sickular largest political party of the country. Due to reasons best known to the party, the then leadership of the party dumped him in the dustbin of the destiny – but by then this Bangladeshi had brought hundreds thousands of illegal infiltrators to grab natural resources and become millionaires. Just visit to north Andamans and trace history after 1977, you will be in better situation to understand.

LAMHON NE KHATA KI – sadiyon ne saza paayi

By then, National didi has emerged as champion of grassroots stupid idiot bunch of emotionally fool people, and this Bangladeshi was accommodated in her party. His daughter was also accommodated in her party, but she was not having favour of luck that her father got. She could not enter the temple of democracy till now.

Now, after 2014, India is experiencing a new political era and heat is on to those who heather to enjoyed all doles. Assam and entire north east was ignored, resources used misused, abused, and clear cut divide, exploitation resulted in hatred and animosity between locals and outsiders. Assamese were finding themselves deceived by their leadership. Outsiders were used as Vote banks. After Assam, the tentacles spread to Males, Birbhum, Kisangani, 24 Parganas area changing the entire demographics. First used, abused, misused by LWE, now mastered by didi.

If the present political leadership takes a pragmatic and firm decision to identify such OUTSIDERS and throw them, then ….. tere vote bank ka kya hoga pagli ghodi?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit