GLIMPSES from Life & Times of Baba Bakhoran Dass

Village Pathakbigha

Village Pathakbigha a tiny hamlet of revenue village Barheta, off Arwal – Jehanabad Highway, Development block Ratni, PS Parasbigha in Jehanabad district of Bihar state has got unique feature and curse of being geopolitical neglect due to its political geography being situated bordering districts of Jehanabad, Patna (Paliganj Subdivision) and Arwal. This village is still known by Pandit Harinath Pathak (probable period 1840-1904) a saint a poet and author of many books like Lalit Ramayan, Lalit Bhagwat, Satyanarayan Vinod etc.
Late Pandit ji established a shiva temple which was renovated first during 1952 and subsequently during 2017-18. Now this village has got unique distinction of housing complete shiva pariwar as Lord Kartikeya is excluded in sanctum sanctorum in this part of our country. The author of these lines could not find any rationale behind it. But shiva temple of this village has got entire shiva pariwar in sanctum sanctorum.
This temple also houses the idols of navagrahas at an appropriate place along with Lord Hanuman and pindies of seven sisters and bhairon baaba is situated in the temple complex.


Author: mahesh3006

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