GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) Judicial activism or vultureism

Very recent unfortunate episode of our very senior custodians of the judicial system sought better to seek public opinion and chose as per their wisdom better option to vent out their feelings wide open among highly sentimental WE THE PEOPLE – who are expert in liking licking the self inflicted wounds, and surrounded by section of vultures disguised as politicians. These vultures have time and again proved to be ready to sell what so ever they have or even those which are in their sight.


BBD had his own experience of this type of incident about 25 years back. He was on deputation to an organization as Director. The institute/organization was in its budding stage of experiment. Its management team consisted of 3 different entities  – two of them were adversaries. Hence as Director, it was great challenge to take along your competitor/adversary outside the four walls, but thanks to 3rd stake holder, all had to fall in line as per direction.


The Joint Director was from different background all together officially, but personally he was admirer of BBD – rather he was the instrumental in bringing BBD as Head of the unit.


But, unfortunately BBD was of different. He believed in RULES of the LAW in true spirit. Due to obvious reasons, the JD those the path of falsehood, deceit by poisoning the minds of secretarial staff. Incidentally all subordinates, although financially not adequately compensated, had the greatest quality – honest to the highest grade. This trait is very rare. But BBD was lucky that their trait of honesty was directed towards organization and not towards individuals.


BBD, was highly disturbed to find such negative developments, and was finding the challenge extremely difficult, as during the tenure of his predecessor Director such unfortunate incident created a situation unceremonious exit of the then Joint Director. So, if reported by BBD, right now to the Top Management Team might have emitted wrong signals.


BBD thought appropriate to keep quite as if nothing had happened and pretended to be ignorant. The JD was fully active in his mission and agenda.


Ultimately, on the date of next meeting of the Local Board of Governors – he used the last point of agenda – “any other issue by permission of the Chair” and offered immediate investigation against himself. The JD was also a member of the Local Board of Governors, while BBD was the Member Secretary and convener.


Ultimately, all honorable members agreed, and the investigation was completed fast track. The JD was found guilty and shifted immediately. BBD remained Director (so far, no body till date had honor to head the unit on deputation, wherein permission from RBI had to be obtained as special case to continue BBD as Director)


Now, BBD feels that a very strong and tough message is to be conveyed, wherein out of 25 members – ventilating views/feelings of 4 members can be tolerated just like that?


Let truth prevail. Appropriate decision must be taken by the Competent Authority and suitable action be taken very fast. The episode is greatest blow to faith of common man and severe blow to the image of NATION.






Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit