GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) – Close encounters with leftwing believers – a writer’s fantasy or hard fact?

This is an established fact that once upon a time the civilization of Mera Bhaarat Mahaan was a leading ideology because of our thinking and practicing unity in diversity. Now, a section of people who represent fused and confused ideology and believe that whatever the past legacy we had are useless discriminative and feel that only imported communism can solve all evils of the socio-political situation – although, author of these lines have entirely different opinion. The author may be branded as disgruntled mind, as once upon a time he himself was having love affairs with such ideology when he was young college going student with slightly above average IQ during late sixties and upto late eighties. It was 1968, when BBD moved from a very close traditional Brahmin atmosphere of a remote village in the then Gaya district of Bihar to a more liberal, clean, semiurban atmosphere with international repute as abode of Lord Shiva – one among 12 jyotirlingam – Baidyanathdham Deoghar (now in Jharkhand) – sizeable number of population was migrants. Majority of them were Bengalies with upper middle class tag, but residents only for few days and were called locally as “changers” and ridiculed as ‘damm cheaps’. Not far from the place a new movement had taken place called Naxalism. The place was nice for a hideout for few leaders. They were getting good support and all logistics from the local Bengali intelligentsia. The place was frequented by Com. Kanu Sanyal and Com. Jangal Santhal. But BBD never saw presence of Com. Charu Majumdar. Basudeo da a first class student was his neighbor and Dr. Bhattacharjee who was the professor at Deoghar College were guiding force for BBD to develop romance with the leftist ideology. Strong hate was infused for Vidyasagar and Mahatma Gandhi. Incidentally the birthplace of Vidyasagar was not far off. From crow fly point of view village Naxalbari was not more than 100 KM away from the place and local people were mostly santhals. The santhals were so simple and honest people that cannot be described. It can only be felts to be believed. Santhals were truly Good men and God men. Siddhu, Kanhu were their established leaders and Birsa had already acquired the position of Bhagwan. BBD was physically 14 years old only, so the readers may infer the mentality of a boy who was borne under influence of Gemini and a borne rebel. BBD was borne with a manufacturing defect of reactionary, inviting irritating argument, and nagging having problems with all and sundry. The path of naxalism was a blind tunnel. If you have witnessed a Bangla movie SAGINA remade as SAGINA MAHTO (Dilip Kumar Sairabano starrer) you may get a glimpse of harsh reality. BBD was lucky to get out of this tunnel by the end of 1971 – say roughly 30-35 months. Again, this period provided a laboratory for political churning in Bihar and strong political leader in Bengal. Mahamaya baboo represented a weak government while SS Ray was just opposite. Under the leadership of Indira Priyadarshini Siddharth baboo had made a comprehensive roadmap to crush the naxal movement, which was successfully implanted by the entire team. BBD, experienced and witnessed those actions, inactions, decisions and after effects from both the angles. Friends like Jiwan, Durga, Arbind, Rajshekhar Richards, Dilip maamu (Dilip Sinha and Dileep Richards) were the source of inspiration, information etc. Then there was lull from 1973 to end of 1978 due to quest for livelihood. BBD acquired double graduation, got married; and blessed with two sons (both were products of unemployed graduates) During last days of 1978, BBD was posted as a development Banker. The place was further closer to the village Naxalbari – this time less than 50 KM geographical distance. The entire working situation was an example of blatant and nauseating explicit exploitation of adivasis – the most pious but highly exploited common men. We, as a banker too had become a part of the team to take benefit of the situation. BBD finds no word to share the height and depth of level of inhuman behavior of WE THE PEOPLE. On the date of joining the Bank, that was 30.12.1978, BBD was strong follower of leftwing ideology. BBD was supported by Com. Sengupta, Com. Baraik under the influence of great Com. Tarkeshwar Chakraborty. But, as BBD was having very strong liking or disliking character as manufacturing defect – argued with Com. Tarkeshwar Chakraborty as his associate in travel in major part of Punea Division of the Bank, and found that Shri N.C. Mitra (a senior level development Banker (may call him management representative) was doing better service than Comrade (by the time dada was one among the Directors) while one Shri Diwan another Director of the Bank had innovative idea for development in Vaishali area of the Bank, which was implemented under his direct supervision. The love of the left wing ideology when tested from ground reality, even in the area very close to the place of birth of the extreme left wing was vanishing in thin air. Ultimately, BBD became a member of Junior Management Scale I with few months. First reaction was from Yadav ji – the Branch Head. He advised that as now I am part of management – ensure that whatever you were having grievances from management, will not allow happening wherever you are in the decision taking position. Destiny brought BBD at another place where leftwing ideology had great impact and it was Dhanbad – now in Jharkhand. BBD was the branch head of a fairly large branch of public sector commercial bank. The unit was notoriously infamous for trade union activism. The area was notoriously infamous for Coal mafia – a bye product of trade union activism, and countless graveyards of industrial units – once again gift of trade union activism. By the time BBD had personal experience of trade union activism at Kolkata – thanks to Com. S.K. Bose, Com. S.C. Das, Com. P.K. Das, Com. Shyamal Mukherjee, Com. D.K Rakshit, Com. Ashis Sengupta. Comrades at Kolakata were my guru (teachers). BBD closely witnessed the episodes of N.S.Road Kolkata, meetings and dictates at G.C. Avenue, differences between HR and MR. Then at Dhanbad, my next in command was Com. Tapan Sarkar – a very hardcore leftwing ideology supporter with his own perception of Banking. During the last few legs of active service of the Bank, destiny put me to understand leftwing ideology in Wynad district of Kerala – again a laboratory for BBD to understand this issue. North India particularly Bihar and UP states are victim of selective thought process of sickulars and pseudo liberals. The discrimination between haves and have-nots in rural area of Wynad, as observed by BBD was the worst of its kind. Now, BBD is retired person with nearly 50 years (half a century) of close watch to the so called pro poor (or any adjective you can use) ideology, had no gainful fulltime employment, and have no better option other than wasting time on screen including social media. Had to bear great intellectuals like Raza, Yechuri, Karat, Kancha, John Dayal, Varshney, Suneet Chopra few brains of alumni of JNU. BBD is confused once again – are they truly reflect their view points or act as paid stage actors? Nearly 50 years of confusion dear readers. Kindly do mercy and suggest where BBD went wrong – if at all. Either he is right in his perception that they have got only NEGATIVITY, ANIMOSITY AND HATRED towards the established system and procedure and ultimately a bunch of fused & confused bulbs of Indian politics, or BBD is a bloody stupid idiot.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit