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The His-Story writers of Mera Bharat Mahaan taught us during our school days that the invaders who became subsequently our Bhagyavidhataas, resorted to “Divide and rule” policy to decide our destiny. Now, it is time to examine the situation as to whether this is the truth or myth.

BBD has observed that there is no dearth of Bibhishans or Jaichands or Mir Zaafars and Co. amongst us. Every victory of such divisive forces was facilitated by few amongst WE-THE PEOPLE, who betrayed the general mass or to say we, the people for some devious reward or to settle personal scores. No fort was ever conquered without the infidelity of a trusted insider.

Unfortunately slavery of more than 2,500 years has inculcated amongst most of us to develop the habit of liking licking the self inflicted wounds. We carry on spawning throngs of people who can stoop down to any level for our very personal petty gains.

Our own leaders, a good number of prestitues; and SICKULARS appear to have single point agenda as to how to generate innovative issues to keep the nation divided and embroiled in petty bickering and internal dissentions; and thus impede growth and progress and bring a bad name and grace to the nation.

Kindly correct BBD, if his observations on such great Sons of Soil are irrelevant or not a factual proposition:

The Bhagyavidhatas: They are fountainhead of all fissiparous tendencies. For the Vote Bank politics take precedence over everything else. One does not have to be a BBD to predict the danger of allowing illegal migration from Bangladesh for garnering votes in the states of NE, WB or even to NCR. But, unscrupulous political leaders are not disturbed at all. It was shocking to find views of well educated political leaders extending their support to a delinquent student leader who seeks destruction of Mere Bharat Mahaan; and comparing him with Sardar Bhagat Singh. Is it not a most perfidious act?

Hopefully, we are the only nation that has an ignominious track record of producing HMs who were engaged in naming and shaming the nation by concocted theories of Saffron terrorism to please the party BOSS. But, he blissfully ignored that by doing so, he is presenting a convenient propaganda to our unfriendly neighbors. One among them did even unthinkable to an aam aadmi (not the political party) even declared a terrorist to be innocent in an affidavit to the designated court. The aim was to ensnare the opposition leaders in a false case. Sadly, our “eyes and ears” suffered immense damage in the process. When a leader declares “it is safer to be cow than to be a Muslim in India today’, he conveniently forgets that he has put the whole country to shame. The world media flashes such headlines with sinister pleasure. Image of the nation takes a terrible beating. Just to score a brownie point against the present day dispensation, he presents a very convenient propaganda handle to the hostile foreces, so shameful and sinister mind! Very recently, a millionaire Vakil Saheb very famous Bhagyavidhata too, told to an anchor of a renowned TV channel that shouting slogans for destruction of the country is not debarred in the constitution. According to him, freedom of expression was of paramount importance. Even demand for secession was justified. As his oral dysentery progressed, BBD was not only amazed by his perverted reasoning but also stunned to find his brazenness with which he was arguing. Survival of MBM appeared to be of no concern to him. BBD was wondering whether he watching an Indian channel or a Pakistani Channel.

The Prestitute: While regretting such harsh and not so palatable word, it is less said the better for such educated but mindless people. From their conduct, it appears that many of them are foreign plants and the nation means little to them. When a leading media house invited a vicious and remorseless enemy like MUSH and groveled before him, it marked the rock bottom depth of shamelessness to which the yellow journalism could sink. Instead of castigating him for the KARGIL, he was treated as a peace loving guest. Such great SoS feel sadist pleasure and feel happy in explicitly displaying “Slumdog Millionaire Syndrome” all the time. Remember how a great TV reporter exhibited his inability o digest the popularity of NaMo in the US and even tried to incite the crowd with enough provocation. But, such people get paid to demean India, and not to extol it.

More than sufficient damage is also being inflicted on the unity of the country by certain section of the media through its Machiavellian and skewed reporting. Even news items are deliberately reported with a religious, caste, creed slant – ‘a Dalit girl molested in Delhi Bus’ – as if other women are not molested in Delhi buses, or ‘church guard killed’ – in reality an argument between two security guards had turned violent, or ‘ a Muslim driver runs over a boy’ – as if his being a Muslim is of any relevance. Very recently, in case of cattle stealing, a leading newspaper could not resist the temptation to add that ‘one of the five thieves is learnt to have had connection with a Gau Rakshak Dal in the past. How cunningly, a simple petty crime was given a different but volatile communal taint.

Stupid idiot petty vandals are given the coverage befitting a mass leader. So obnoxious was to see efforts of two TV anchors airing their interviews with a student leader charged with sedition. The worst was the indulgent demeanor of those great SoS; as if a national hero was being eulogized. The interviews were repeatedly telecast at prime time. A simple question from BBD, did these great SoS thought of interviewing war heroes or martyrs’ families? Forget it: that would have been a pro-India act and that is an act of sacrilege for them.

SICKULAR intelligentsia: This group of great SoS have done the maximum damage to the nation’s pride, prestige and standing. Some of them appear to be fifth columnists masquerading as progressive intellectuals. BBD does not recall any parallel instance in the world, where the intelligentsia writes to the US government not to receive their Prime Minister?
It is simply nauseating to find that duly elected representative of 1.30 billion Indians being subjected to indignities by bunch of shameless foreign educated and foreign sponsored anti-national elements. Unfortunately, their protests/views get huge publicity across the border, thereby undermining all efforts to boost our standing at the global forum. Now, it can be told with certainty that well orchestrated campaign of intolerance was totally malicious in intent. The sole objective was to stall all progressive reforms by tarnishing the image of the government. The sole objective was to stall progressive reforms by tarnishing the image of Government, and negative mandate of Bihar.

Few months back, hundreds of Christians, led by the church leaders, marched in protest on the roads of Delhi against the alleged vandalism of churches and a theft in a school managed by them. Routine cases of petty crimes were cited to suggest an anti-minority conspiracy. It was ensured extensive coverage of their protests by the foreign and Indian media their by damaging India’s secular image. Forign media are only too eager to shame India.

History is nothing but testimony to the fact that a nation infested with the virus of treachery, deceitfulness and perfidy has always been an easy prey for foreign subjugation. No one knows this bitter truth better than India. Yet our leaders, media and intelligentsia keep discrediting and harming the country through their seditious utterances and activities. Under the garb of freedom of speech, they support those felonious speakers who vow not to rest till MBM is destroyed.

Recently, when Paris was hit, the whole country gave a unified – but just compare with Batla House or Burhan Bani or surgical strike, many seditious elements had the impudence to term to be ‘fake’.

Now, the moot question – the mystery remains unsolved and BBD remains confused as to why does India continue to produce so many Jaichands and Mir Zaafars? Are we a cursed nation or is treachery a part of our DNA? JAAGO RE.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit