Surprise selection of YA to lead Uttam Pradesh politically as administrative head of the hindi heartland has stirred the hornet’s nest. The entire political opposition is yet to reconcile with the outcome of the latest mandate by we – the people. Those who hate NaMo and brand him intolerant, Feku and other blah blah are really and visibly upset. This expression is further escalated through media.

During the outburst by one spokesperson of a typical political party notoriously infamous for uttering KALAM, TARAJU, aur TALWAR – inko maaro joote chaar, when confronted by the anchor of TIMESNOW justified the statement/views of the party, because as per their views this particular section of the society was exploited since 2500 years, hence time for the people borne with the tag of the caste be suitably and adequately punished for the ’sin’ created by their forefathers. Very ironically, they believe in Gandhian philosophy of secularism and secularism – which says that “an eye for an eye will make the world blind”. Their core committee also believes that the”first right on resources need be reserved for minorities”.

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) enjoys the hilarious verbal dysentery which are exhibited by great spokespersons like Jha bothers (who represent two different parties), Bhai M Singh, MST, Lomad Singh Hariyanawale, MK, VM, SSB, GT, Prof Singh, Bhadauria and Co. The views expressed by them and ironically appreciated by good number of WE-THE people of India and well educated urban illiterate media representatives makes chaats. BBD feels that if you watch such comedy shows before sleep, then better have HAZMOLA.

Now, YA – a mathematician is put to test by the leadership. YA has got wonderful mandate like his immediate predecessor AY – an engineer. Let us wait and watch. BBD feels that his motherland is in the process of another churning – mera desh shaayad badal raha hai. BBD prays GOD to be with we – the people of India, that is Bharat.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit