GLIMPSES from LIFE & Times of BABA BAKHORAN DASS –Waiver of Farm Loans



This refers to various episodes political tamaasha by our Bhagyavidhaatas resting with latest meet by RaGa & Co. with NaMo & Co. on debt waiver initiatives by the political arrangement of Mera Bhaarat Mahaan (MBM).


Readers are requested to correct Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD), if he is wrong.  During our days of active physical and mental functioning, it was Late A.R. Antule in Maharashtra made this innovation. He may be termed as the opening batsman of this game. Thereafter Late Ms Nadini Satpathy in Orissa wished to follow. She was given strict NO by Late Indira Priyadarshini. Then during early seventies the then dispensation took exercise for the benefits of ex-servicemen settlers of Campbell bay in Andaman & Nicobar Islands. To the best knowledge and belief of BBD, this was a true example of real debt waiver. Now it has become a POLITICAL GAME and an effort to corrupt the minds of larger section of society and a tool to buy the voters.


Incidentally, BBD has got a gut feeling that Late Gajendra Singh Rajawat of Rajasthan has had paid the price of his got gifted wonderful personality and was a victim a perfect photo-shoot. His death at Jantar Mantar New Delhi showed us yet again the eagerness of all political parties to score brownie points, unmindful of the fact that our economic policies have failed to ensure a better life for our annadata. All parties are behaving as if this causality exemplified the present situation the present situation of the farmers in the country. Irrespective of the party in the government in various states, lakhs of farmers have ended their lives to escape the challenges staring their face ONLY because they opted for farming as their profession. BBD feels that if at all any humanity is left among the polity of this country, sensitivity of the public administration, and factual rule of the law, the entire episode of Late Gajendra Singh Rajawat be thoroughly investigated from all angles to arrive at logical conclusion under fast tract system to restore faith in our system. An amicable solution to the menace of loss of human life of the people (statistically most of them are illiterate and distressed).


Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) was going through a judgment dated 14.12.2010 by the Hon’ble Supreme court of India in an appeal arising out of SLP (Crl.) No. 2614 of 2009 and somewhere he read “….From the beginning of human history government has been recognized as the overall holder and regulatory of power, maintaining order by limiting all other expressions of power and thereby turning permitted powers into rights. In that concept lay the rudiments of the principles of government. In every age men have sought to clarify the application of these principles to the changing times. In every age the abuse of power by governments has led to disasters and uprisings, oppressions and vainglorious wars, and sometimes to experiments in the control of power, seeking to make it responsible, or more responsible, subject in some manner to the will of the people, of the majority or those who represented them.”


The concluding paragraph of the said judgment pinpoints the role of the then Hon’ble Chief Minister and had condemned him in no uncertain terms. Such serious judicial condemnation did not cast any shadow on the career of the then Hon’ble Chief Minister. He merrily continued in the Union cabinet. None – he himself, his party or the Hon’ble the then Prime Minister suffered any moral pang.


This is pathetic to observe how our politicians are accountable to farmeINR Will the sudden demise of Late Gajendra Singh Rajawat in the heart of National capital and infront of a serving young CHIEF MINISTER (with such huge mandate) bring accountability in the political system


How unfortunate, when a human being in the heart of National Capital in front of History Creator Hon’ble Chief Minister, surrounded by thousands hands – kills himself , and we call MERA BHARAT Mahaan!


Late Shri Gajendra Singh Rajawat, was going to be given a status of martyr by fresh air politicians. To BBD, it was an effort to insult the farming community by glorifying such act and may be triggering effect for further causalities. To the best of knowledge and belief, AK67 has himself seen the farmers’ initiative to manage farming under distress. He himself has experienced Ralegaon Siddhi and Hiwre Bazaar in Maharashtra. Now, being the powerful public figure, how come he becomes so insensitive!


BBD very respectfully, begs to re-iterate following points to all and sundry – particularly those in powers (social/political/financial and so on …..)

  • Please do not exhibit you power to raise the passion, which you cannot control.
    • Let the people be educated properly – particularly on soil and water management. STOP giving FREE WATER/ELECTRICITY, and don’t glorify such act of suicide by making the victim as martyrs.
    • Analyze the data of National Crime Records Bureau on suicides and don’t hide your face like an ostrich. Face it in the best national interest.
    • Revisit the recommendations of Ojha Committee (Cotton growers of Andhra Pradesh), and examine as to why SAA was so mercilessly killed. If feasible redraft the same under changed scenario and implement.
    • Understand abuse of chemicals in Agriculture, whether it is Pithoria near Ranchi in Jharkhand or Nawashahr in Punjab.
    • Have courage to find reasons as to why institutional credit to farm sector has increased so astronomically while available land had decreased and so the farm production (not in any acceptable ratio).
    • Have courage to find link between endebtness and consumption of alcohol.
    • Have courage to examine the growth of loans against Jewels (particularly Farm Loans against Jewels) any impact on Kissan Credit Card business growth.
    • Have courage to examine as to whether there may be reason for availing Debt swap through institutional channel, even after more than decades of lending made so cheap and so liberal.
    • Have test check on end-utilisation of outflow of KCC limits.
    • Make sincere efforts and incentivize SHG concept of NABARD.
    • Restore transfer of technology, and agricultural extension education programmes – (make efforts as to who is doing and how effective they are)!
    • Examine the efforts and results of Israel for implementation. Enough of SF/MF/AL culture of protectionism. Make them in groups to work in cooperation to avoid fragmentation of holding.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit