GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS === Demonetization – aftereffect


Thanks to Shri Satyaveer Singh an ex Fauzi and a true entrepreneur of his own class, who gave BBD an honour to witness the 11th Annual day function of a school which he and his wife Ms Sarita Rani are managing at Village Bhikanpur in Kanth Tehsil of Moradabad district. Shri L. Venkatshwarlu IAS the Divisional Commissioner of Moradabad was the Chief Guest, Shri Mahendra Singh Arora the present Chairman of Prathama Bank of the Guest of honor and Shri Bijoy Kumar Pandit ex Chairman of Prathama Bank and Ex General Manager of Syndicate Bank was the guest of honour. It was wonderful work by the entire team of Rajendra’s Academy and bore the signature of management and execution of an ex-serviceman and their family members.


The address of Shri Venkakatshwarlu was quite emotional and an expression of a well qualified administrator with a kind heart and concern for the nation. But, most amazing, interesting, or a bit disgusting part was that when he concluded his views with an appeal to villagers with a majority of young people – people started shouting MODI MODI MODI. Poor Divisional Commissioner, who made a simple appeal to use the power of franchise with noble cause to elect a good leader (the appeal did not have any political bias.


While on way to Moradabad, the BBD found people in queue in front of all Bank branches/ATMs well before Sunrise in the chill. Even after lapse of more than 25 days, there is no sign to find the queue getting shorter. Yes, there is some unique situation during this time, but when all was well, BBD as General Manager of a small Bank used to get baffled as to where this currency was going. When there was no control of movement of cash in the erstwhile Moradabad and Rampur districts of Ummidon ka Pradesh, the banking statistics did not support the theory of recharge and discharge or otherwise. One of the indications of the situation led to HOARDING. This time also, BBD feels that nobody is trying to educate the aam aadmi – rather trying to confuse and create panic. Our attitude towards NATION FIRST will be distant dream, and will inflict wound in our body and will go on licking it. Instead of understanding the factual position, we go by perception and invite trouble for ourselves. We simply believe in following stupid politico knowing pretty well that they only exploit, whether it is in a small group or in large group. Are we such fools or behave like that in a group – but pretty intelligent individually?


An effort is made by BBD to understand the whole scenario. Based upon common sense of an ex Banker having bias towards rural clientele BBD feels that the present dispensation could not asses the factual position of BLACK Money and FCN. They may be much more than gestimate. May be some smarter people got it back to their kitty during these days through ‘always ready for such stupid things’ type of aam aadmi, or corrupt minds in administration process. There is well groomed perception that only URBAN elite have BLACK MONEY, all small rural people are pious and clean. Experience of BBD finds that majority of us are hypocrat and pretend to be honest. BBD had experience of exploitation of hapless citizen by right from illiterate village Pradhan, semi literate rickshaw puller, Bank personnel to administrative set up. If Cash based economy is allowed to continue, you will never come to know that. BBD compares this situation with the script of recently released Hindi movie KAHAANI-2 Vidya Rani Singh. The BLACK MONEY is a reality of a child’s sexual abuse even in rural area. Along with other vices of the society hidden beneath the carpet, currency based economy is a real vice.


While BBD is fully convinced that if we the people do not switch to cashless economy, the queue infront of ATM/Bank branches will not be shortere even after a decade.


The present dispensation has taken a big risk. Only God can say, whether we will change and make our future bright or are leading towards anarchy or civil unrest. The system prevalent including political politicians, bureaucrats, and above all, we the people with very high sentiments and double standard will learn lesson for the sake of future of our GEN-NEXT, will think in the lines of NaMo or BBD is ANDHBHAKT?


Incidentally, we curse the politicians but shout Zindabaad Zindabaad next moment! What an irony or the sentiments of a confused persona called BBD? Any solace to BBD to understand the true sentiments of aam aadmi?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit