GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD)- Ek aur Tamaasha mere aage

Our Bhagyavidhaatas irrespective of type or colour of their TOPI, have understood well that we – the people of great India or Mera Bhaarat Mahaan (MBM) are a bunch of people which have developed liking of self inflicted wounds. Theses wounds come in the shape of freebies like Cycle, Laptop, Scooter, TV, Sewing Machines, Debt waiver etc. etc. We are still slaves and like to remain as such. We are unable to have insight that these freebies have another source of income for those in power. We pay the price of being sold.

Factually, the effect of such opium has made us true addict and more dangerous than any drug in the market. It robs our sense to think NATION FIRST.

We have very conveniently forgotten the History of Pataliputra and do not wish to know the true impact of NATION FIRST. We have restricted the efforts of Singh Sahebaan to only one section of the large society. We are simply allowed to think ways and means to divide in the names of caste creed community, and what not? We never made efforts to take lessons from Mahabhaarat.

Our Baapu, Chaachaa & Co. has never told us the factual geography and history. Just after independence from British, we were told through various writing and ways of communications about animosity and reasons for our sufferings. Blame game started on certain section of our own society, as if the His-story which was taught to us was the true History. Even those who were blamed for the miseries were convinced that they are the culprits.

The system which we inherited from the last rulers – British were aimed at keeping the subject mentally slave for convenient administration. The irony is that the sacrosanct Constitution is aimed at democracy, but the administration machinery is implementing democracy through autocracy. At one hand, we have exhibited our strength of democracy, but have become complacent immediately after it. The latest example is post Anna Hazare incidents.

Whenever the vigilant media or vigilant judiciary takes up an issue of adown trodden individual or anybody who have become victim of incident, we start cursing the system. We could not develop the courage to see the true face of the system. It becomes so frustrating that those who raise such issues, when given chance to administer become more insensitive, crueler and more corrupt. Our generation has experienced incidents post 1969 in Bihar, post 1977 in the entire country, post 2014 in Delhi; and post 2016 in Bihar once again.

We are unable to comprehend as to how, when the power in democracy is with ‘we – the people’, how come the administration and the leadership be a corrupt!

Just remember the incident of British Prime Minister Mr. Cameroon – how he left the Office, but in our MBM, even a Ward Commissioner behaves like a feudal King. Mr. Cameroon can vacate the official Quarters without any fuss, but our politicians will find ways means loop holes to remain even after death once government accommodation is provided.

The entire system irrespective of which ideology rules you have got a common agenda as to how to have fun on the cost of public exchequer. If asked any question same stereo type reply will come.

Present day democracy is behaving worst than autocracy. In autocracy at least, few people rob you, but in present day democracy of MBM nobody dares to question to the gang of robbers. We, the people and machinery of administration have become mute spectators.

Recent incidents of Dana Manjhi in Odisha, incident of Mirjapur in U.P where a father in law take his daughter in law to a hospital and incidents thereafter, packing of dead body in Odisha mortuary, dengue deaths in Delhi, and the worst of its kind in Bulandshahr incident does not shake our soul. If any political Tag is attached to you and can play any role in keeping up the interests of the system, then see the hyper sensitivity of the system. Are we not turning into mobocracy?

At one end, we say that we honor the judiciary, then what happens in cases like Shahbano of past and Cauvery of present?

If we are ready to be sold by Debt waiver, free water, free electricity and such freebies, we are allowing ourselves to be robbed by the system. Let us think seriously and keep those Khadag Singhs away. Please remember if we wish that our gene next is not forced to migrate, try to identify and keep such elements away with only one aim NATION FIRST. JAAGO RE

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit