GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) – Create a constituency for division of society at any cost


Thanks to Zanab Talmiz Ahmad former diplomat for inputs.

Our society is truly a heterogeneous group with some super special politicos who obtain short-term political advantage. They firmly believe in evolving strategies for political instability in the country to pursue their agenda. They have enjoyed since more than 2 decades and flourished leaps and bounds. Now, the change is apparent and have not much to make any issue to take along some section of society. Now, they are making efforts as they know, they can not fulfil the aspirations of their constituency. They are non-transparent and non accountable, and are generally engaged in making association of crony capitalism and corruption of all kind. They are truly intolerant of dissent and provide no scope for factual participation in national policy making and believe in theatrical democracy. These archaic models of democracy are being assembled in a very dangerous proportion at a time when this part of the globe is in state of an economic, political and cultural crisis in which young people, poorly educated and often under/unemployed are crying out for proper and legitimate leadership, guidance and inspiration. Thus frustration among most vulnerable section of society is mounting. These forces first created didision in the society based on faith – Hindus-Muslim, then –Forward/Backward, then SC-ST, then Minority/Majority, then Rural/Urban, then Dalit/Mahadalit. Now, what next Nikrist Dalit or what?
To me, in recent past the victim family of Bulandshahr incident and situation like are the Mahadalit, irrespective of caste tag in which they are borne. I feel amused that those who scream on top decibel of being discriminated by certain section of members of society (mostly by individuals and very rarely as a group of such hyper active mindless people without any logic and at times tutored by vested interests) are the biggest group of castes forces.
The words termed as DALIT makes me sick. Even after passing of more than two generation of independent India, we are unable to find and isolate/prosecute the individual/group who are committing DALAN (you need some persons doing this job to create a Dalit), then what type of administration are we practicising?
We, the people are increasingly unable to see the dividing line between ideological belief and personal nightmares. For, the backgrounds of the purported activists show little of evidence of real issue, faith, zeal, positivity – instead a more forceful picture is that of troubled, angry, lonely and volatile personalities, with confused sexuality, a record of personal, marital and professional failure, uncertain religious identity, and past history of mental instability and petty crime.
Now, certain forces are making efforts with success too, to make this constituency of misfits give them comfort and a sense of purpose which create for them a welcoming “Virtual Community” for channelize their anger into assault on enemies of their faith/community, heritage and identity, and impart them the sense of fulfilling a higher and better future. They are followers of a borderless loyalty.
We have seen, Delhi and Bihar, what NEXT? Gujrat, Goa, Punjab, UP?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit