GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES Of Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD)


Indian politics in the name of POLITICS WITH DIFFERENCE

Wail of a widow (correction- physically borne male – but mentally not sure)- an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality -– full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

To BBD, after 1947, 1976-77 was the year with a difference for MERA BHAARAT MAHAAN (MBM) from national politics point of view. BBD was born after 7 years of 1947, but during 1976-77 he was struggling for survival as unemployed educated husband of a hapless girl made to marry the stupid idiot (not sure as to against her will) and father to a male child getting ready to have all sorts of experience.


Even after lapse of decades, BBD is not convinced of the reasons of humiliation and condemnations that we, the people Indian threw on Indira Priyadarshini. We were lured by great visionaries of Indian politics by a group of fused and confused bulbs led by various minds of different kinds and faith. A good majority of people irrespective of caste creed community rallied behind this group. The resultant effect was truly a disaster (very personal view of BBD).


Then, one gentleman arose on the horizon from Manda suba of Uttam Pradesh promising us politics with difference, showing collar of his shirt and making us to believe this his shirt is much brighter that his own mentor (specifically readers can understand what does it mean  when some character of Shakespeare expresses  “… too Brutus…!” The outcome of rallying behind this great Son of Soil (SoS) and getting his sparkling white Collar Shirt as point of political hypnotism was again a disaster to the nation.


Having experienced deceit by such topiwala, we once again rallied behind elder brother (Anna) with true white sparkling Topi and supported by various kinds of well educated fresh blood promising politics with a different. This greatest SoS (as of now) and nayak of Kaushambi made us to unite leaving all our differences behind with a hope. Probably greatest hope! By this time, BBD had become grand pa. Supposed to be fully matured mentally and physically, BBD was also swayed away. This SoS has proved beyond doubt within few days, that BBD was NOT the only STUPID IDIOT.


Recently, one young bright sensitive brain took a disastrous decision to teach lesson to his family, community and nation in his own way. His death was glorified by all and sundry including this well educated bright intelligent human being now changed his colour of the skin after wearing a topi and joined the league of Topiwala. Expressed all solidarity and as BBD understand, offered a Govt. Job to the brother of departed soul (who accidentally was borne in a particular caste).


Now, one great lady from another region with struggle of 16+years in her own style has changed her mind recently to join the great politics. BBD understands that her struggle was on the cost of tax payers. Within few hours of change of her mind, now she is deserted by all and sundry including the greatest SoS – nayak of Kaushambi.


Another side of this story is NaMo, who (once again very personal views) not only thinks but acts too for ONE INDIA, and NATION FIRST is being abused, humiliated and may be dumped by we- the great people of India, by all and sundry. When we, the people of India will see the light. TAMSHO MA SADGAMAYA

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit