Indian politics in the name of oppressed

Wail of a widow (correction- physical borne male – but mentally not sure)- an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality
– full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

Typical confusing situation to understand the meaning as to who is oppressing whom even after complete retirement of two generation of representatives of administration, whose heads were so called OBC for the most part of the period of independent India, and land administered by Great Nand dynasty, Maurya, Gupta etc (ironically as present socio-political scenario they all were OBC but the world acknowledged their might.

Author of these lines was born in the family traditional Brahmin having faith in Sanatan Hindusim having leaning towards Krishna shakha. Even after six decades of political independence, the hamlet where he  was born, there is no road and power supply which was introduced by late father of the author – was non existence for nearly 40 decades – now resumed very recently and for all practical purposes besides contributions from private entrepreneurs, there is no sign of governance by the government. Otherwise under control of LWE (left Wing Extremism). Although as per government opinion belong to politically on highest ladder of the society, but understands based on personal experience what does a dalit or a minority mean in true sense.


Now, takes liberty to share his very personal views on prevailing situations in the society and gets upset as to where are we leading to, as the sign of togetherness, efforts for sab ka saath saab ka vikash or NATION FIRST is completely missing (NO POLITICS, please). All brickbats, abuses and criticism in the worst level of foul language is expected – if not then a big SURPRISE!


In his childhood, the author of these lines had abundance love and affection from all section of society – irrespective of caste, creed, and community. When he was married at the age of 19 years, his candyfloss need not walk from the road. She was brought in a palki- lent (without any charge of course) and carried by four    chachas (uncles borne in different caste, and no blood relationship). The meaning of poverty and oppression was not to be understood by reading novels or seeing movies. Novels were available in the school library, but the first movie experience by a Manoj Kumar starrer UPKAR by paying 0.50 INR when he attained the age of 15+. Basic schooling was done beneath tree and almost holiday situation during extreme summer/cold/rains. So, no sermons needed on meaning of a dalit.


The destiny showered blessing on him as he was privileged to serve all sections of the society financially and through skill acquired by him. Enjoyed the good company of friends, well wishers, superiors, subordinates and above all customers.


But, had very sad experience in Wild West Uttam Pradesh to find:

  1. Animosity among various sub section of the so called dalit society
  2. Hatred towards some minority group who were accidentally born in so called upper caste, accusing 1000 years of suppression/oppression etc – but will never utter any word towards Mughals (Aurangzeb in particular) or British.
  3. Belief in intolerance and using foul abusive words towards Bhure Baal or Tilak, Taraju, Kalam, Talwar.
  4. Could find less than double digit number of member colleagues in the organisation who were accidentally born in the so called dalit family – but were given same which the author enjoyed, for the benefits of dalit family.
  5. One of the successors of the author who was senior to him in all senses created not only havoc to the organization, but never made any policy when he was capable to do so, exclusively for those who were born in dalit family.
  6. Expecting gratifications even in posting and transfers.


If by using foul language, showing animosity and hatred by so called members of dalit family who enjoy power and position but DO NOTHING, the thing will improve, they God bless them.


No efforts to make them adequately educated academically or through skill upgradtion, and only by offering lolly like making baboos/attendants etc  will make the sick mentally and crippled and dependents for generations.


The only way as the author feels is ENTREPRENEURSHIP development. Canara Bank, during 1990s had wonderful scheme, and the author enjoyed implanting few such opportunities.




Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit