Theatrical democracy in MERA BAHARAT MAHAAN (Remorse, Regrets or Destiny?)


Let it not be one among episode of the series of vidhwa vilap (Wail of a widow) from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality – full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate, Baba Bakhoran Dass requests the readers to show him light.

Few years back, on Doordarshan prime-time of Wednesdays there use to be some relief to the middle class through a theatrical show named as DEKH BHAI DEKH, and a very popular song in item number of any cabaret show use to be MAIN HOON DEKHNE KI CHEEZ ………..


BBD is confused by latest events of DALIT UTPRIDAN (atrocities on suppressed) and hyper active divisive forces etc. etc. creating unrest across the country and explicit, vulgar; and nauseating views of some very intelligent urban (irrespective of their birthplace) elite stupid idiots in the guise of our BHAGYAVIDHAATAs. They use, abuse, misuse, exploit and pollute the minds of WE – the aam aadmi. Height of hypocrisy – at one hand they will say WE honour the judiciary but if any verdict does not suit them, then it is wonderful to see their somersaults – whether it was SHAHBAANO case or Afzal Guru or Yaqoob Mamon or Babbar Khalsa or LTTE convicts. Indian Topiwalas are truly ONE-INDIA. The basis or root cause of this confusion is whether these events are episode of DEKH BHAI DEKH or …. ?


The tribe of great Indian Topiwalas is the ONLY tribe of true Indian who believe in ONE-INDIA, and will never allow the aam aadmi to know the facts and true sense Right to Information will never be implemented – because we enjoy licking self inflicted wounds and that is true example of Indian Democracy – full of entertainment overshadowed by a mild dose of opium. A vast majority of we the people are addict of some type of intoxication to avoid the pains and agony. Our leadership has successfully made us addict since decades. Even lactating mothers (who donot believe in family planning)  in some part of the country advertently or inadvertently smear some intoxicants around their lactating nipple to keep the infant composed  so that she will complete  her household responsibilities.


We are a afraid lot to face and confront the challenges. Most of us have annoying capability of letting us feel that the problem at hand will soon be solved, while continually eliding us and giving us FALSE HOPES through self deception and frustration. The Topiwalas know it and will never allow us to know the real truth of


  1. Noakhali, Bhagalpur, Maliana, Muzaffarnagar and  other such numerous communal rites.
  2. True face of razakars of Nizam.
  3. Godhra, Bisahda (Dadri), Faidabad etc. etc.


There is NO fun in going to time machine. Let us at-least forget it and wipe out from the hard disk of our mindset.


Let us realize the fact – WE Cannot survive without the ability to accommodate all members of society having different faith. Let us honour the faith every member of the society – but DO NOT allow anybody to force the views on others in the guise of caste creed community and act very harshly on those miscreants. Administer firmly with instance justice (as far as practicable and in true sense of jurisprudence). Deliver justice at the pace of lightning speed and execute.


Remember NATION FIRST – come what may or leave for better pastures.


Whether author of these lines will see such united we the people of Aryavarat or Bharat or Hindustan or India during his life time?




Will any body help this stupid idiot – in clearing the hazy picture of growth of MERA BHARAT? Ehsaan tera hoga…



Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit