(- Are we jointly and severally in “Suicide mode”?
– time to introspect honestly in the prospect of factual democracy)
Let it not be one among episode of the series of vidhwa vilap (wail of a widow)from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality – full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate – named Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD).

We – the people of India that is also called as Bharat, Aryavart, Hindustan, (as we are taught by teachers, leaders) decided to follow democracy, when the political situation in the country gave this opportunity.

The confusion starts with this preamble. The generation of BBD was taught moral values, social ethics, idealism etc. We were having so many instances/options etc. to choose from our epics to follow faith, religion, beliefs etc. For idealism it was Maryada Purushottam Raam, for practical approach Bhagwan Shri Krishna for majority of the people. There were other options too, hence we were in compete agreement to unity in diversity. BBD was borne in a traditional Brahmin family with all love care respect from all sections of society during his infancy in the remote village of Bihar state notoriously famous during most of the period of independent India.

Now, down the memory lane, BBD during the evening of his personal and physical life is fighting with an inner conflict after going through various records/ documents/evidences by historians/politicians etc.

Beyond doubt history is nothing but HIS-STORY. But, the problem with BBD is inability to cope up the situation created by the polity to whom we referred as Baapu, Chacha – words of reverence.

Those great people, who were destined to lead us, appears to have learnt the art of mixing mild dose of opium that some mothers still do in rural areas to run the large family – so that the child does not disturb in performing her duties as a home maker. The Baapu and the Chacha either lacked the calibre to lead a country of people more than 50 Crores or they were having some agenda which were never shared with we – the people. Neither the factual geography nor the factual history was taught to the generation. Unfortunately, the technology of GEN-NEXT brought so many factual positions before us as to how honest we are in our various approach as an individual, as to how clean and transparent we are in our relationship/moral values/ethics/civic sense/national character etc.

Early days of BBD experienced Mahamaya Baboo, who led us in Bihar, injected another dose of political opium, then came Binoba Bhave followed by Baboo Jai Prakash Narayan with their ideas of empowerment to strengthen social bondings.

By the time BBD became mentally and physically adult to lead his personal life, he found Morarji Bhai Desai another super specialist in injecting another dose of political opium.

A good number of people were not comfortable with Indira Priyadarshini – but BBD was convinced (even today) that she was the Best. During early seventies BBD when mental and physical settling process started, had mixed ingredients directly from great people like Charu Majumdar, Kanu Sanyal, Atal Bihari Bajpayee – but was influenced by none other than Indira Priyadarshini, Kiran Bedi, Margaret Thatcher, Goldamier, Bhandarnaike etc.

It was like taking the ante dose to come out of the hangover, when BBD started following Acharya Rajnish (OSHO). This was the period of finding individual identity and developing the art of living as head of a nuclear family in-charge of wife and children. BBD was fortunate enough to have extremely competent teachers during student life and very good leaders in his professional life, Views of Acharya Rajnish cleared the hangover injected in the minds of political leadership and brought some ability to cope up with the environmental confusion.

Then, there was some fresh air from another rebellion Sanjay Feroze Gandhi and followed by Rajiv Bhaiya who wanted to be more transparent and a factual leader with difference. Unfortunately, the destiny had some another scrip. The Raja of Mada was another Super Specialist as our leader who successfully injected much higher dose of improvised political cocaine (opium was replaced by the society due to improvement and refinement).

There was no Acharya Rajnish to help BBD to fight with the effects of this new drug. During early 90s, BBD got the inputs of good works of Kisan Babu Rao Hazare and was influenced professionally as the binding force was rural development through technology upgradation (Water management), entrepreneurship development through micro credit.

The acute hangover due to political situation during MMS brought BBD to unbearable pain. This was the EoD process professionally to BBD. The Nayak of Kaushambi (on the shoulders of Kisan Babu Rao Hazare) emerged as some substitute on ante dose of this pain.

Now, when the Nayak of Kaushambi graduated to AK47 then to AK67, BBD is in the state of after effect of the most lethal blow of knock to the thought process – as he is unable to assess the impact of hit. The situation is like when you try to kill a mosquito or a fly by putting your palms together, but the insect does not die immediately. Sometimes it gets life and then flies back, but sometimes the clap become fatal to him. The ability to cope up with the environmental confusion is evaporated from the mental warehouse of BBD. It was the Nayak of Kaushambi who had brought the good works of Kisan Babu Rao Hazare to the knowledge of BBD, BBD had personal association with Prashant Bhushan Bajpayee and the sense of reverence to Ms Kiran Bedi when found assembled at a common place – BBD developed hope. Incidentally, there is hope in Popat Rao Powar (again it is the efforts of Nayak of Kaushambi due to his efforts BBD had the glimpses of good works done by him).

Now, NaMo has replaced Indira Priyadarshini – but BBD is in dire need of Acharya Rajnish, as BBD feels that he is a true stupid idiot.

The gut feeling is that we are in a democratic country, where a political leadership is needed. Whether he behaves like a master or a facipulator or a manipulator or a facilitator – it is to be decided by we the people. Are we matured enough enough democratically or a stupid idiotic bunch of people destined to commit suicide?

How to come out of this hangover? Any solace, please!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit