(- Close encounter with a vidushak dhritrastra)

Disclaimer: – This is not be one among episodes of the series of vidhwa vilap (wail of a widow) from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality – full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate, Baba Bakhoran Dass requests the readers to enjoy it with a pint of salt and experience (if enjoyed earlier – otherwise may not relish the taste) of enjoying raw khesari daal (Lathyrus sativus) leaves and green chilly. The Almighty has always been graceful to BBD, as the life BBD has so far experienced is a good mix of ingredients that makes a wonderful chaat. The tingling taste of chaat can only be experienced, not described.

The Mahabharata is the only epic which has managed to fascinate BBD always. It is an ocean of learning in the sense that a new pearl of learning unearths every time you plunge in. Though there is a great deal one can learn from this greatest epic in mankind’s history, yet at the core of it remains a common issue of sibling rivalry, property and power dispute, subjugation and other social evils. It is not a spellbinding tale of unparallel complexity, but this greatest epic also offers rare learning lessons for a better living and making right choices in the life.

The example of Dhritrashtra is “blindness – an allegory to his carelessness, incompetence as a father (read as leader of a family). He turned a “blind eyes” to find solutions to the burning issues put before him, which led to his family’s epic downfall.

But, the Dhritrashtra of BBD was not only suffering from blindness, but at times used his excellent quality of buffoonery, as a mask on his face to showcase a very simple and an aam aadmi. Unfortunately, contrary to the Dhritrashtra of Mahabharata, the Principal Secretary to this Dhritrashtra of BBD was having another buffoon as his PS.

Chaudhary Sewak Ram (CSR) – the sultan of Pataliputra and his most able (?) and trusted PS – SKT were self styled honest and more loyal than THE KING administrator, when BBD was facing the turmoil of the Zaagir at Mazharul Haque Path. CSR was always busy in finding avenues for various types of mental torture with an aim for humiliation to BBD only because the destiny made CSR – the SULTAN, while BBD was only relegated as ZAAGIRDAAR.

One day, BBD got his volley of shouting over phone as to how his account was debited without his knowledge/consent. The debit entry in his account showed “To WS – meant cash withdrawal by Withdrawal Slip” – as he always used printed cheque books and never used cards – thus making all transactions more costly. It was HIS STYLE. BBD requested for five minutes to go into the facts. It took more than begged time, as the amount was debited at Ranchi. BBD had to get full facts. The Zaagirdaar of Ranchi informed BBD that during his recent visit, the Sultan fell short of money, hence the amount was withdrawn by using WS.

CSR was a social worker too. The first visitor to BBD used to be his saarthi – poor fellow with nearly 2 dozens of Pass Books for updating – of which most of them will have no more than minimum amount required for a Basic Savings Bank Deposit Scheme (BSBDS).
BBD vividly remembers the great observation of duo CSR and SKT, conveyed through a LOVE Letter (not very clear, as to whether the author wished to get information/ explanation of alleged lapse (?) or conveyance of their inability to communicate. It was made on a NPA account which was sanctioned a step senior to CSR, to whom CSR felt that he was an dishonest person. The printout – inter-alia said, “Recommending the loan was not a prudent decision”.

On a particular campaign which was to be observed throughout the great Aryavarta, ignoring the fact that it was not only a SUNDAY, it was Ananth Chaturdashi for Hindus, some major festival for Muslims and Sikhs too. BBD was on his way. First frantic calls subordinate of CSR, and then the great CSR was on line with shout as he was waiting in the cabin. BBD replied CSR the constraint of time taken to travel will not listen to any body as there was no option – but to wait. By the time, CSR felt the need to respond the nature’s call to relieve him, so went for a loo. This was the time when BBD entered into his cabin. Having heard the entry of BBD, CSR came out of the washroom without zipping up his trouser, with all verbal diarrhoea of hard words for BBD. BBD replied as to the fact that it is just few hours back, BBD was elevated in the hierarchy and was the only person under the great command of CSR who had the privilege for this – so deserves at least words of congratulations. BBD was left with only one option to request CSR to zip up his pants and come in the cabin to share some sweets and pleasantries.

BBD remembers great MVI’s observations – as to “YOUR BOSS and your parents can not be of your choice”. How true was he !

CSR was the son of the soil – but was one among those who authored bad names for this sultanate of Pataliputra. It was well understood by the Jehanpanah who visited Pataliputra and could witness the qualities of CSR and sent him to take charge from Abdul Shah Rashid with all accolades well deserved and earned by CSR during his stay at Pataliputra.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit