CHAAL CHARITRA AUR CHEHRA of my friends having faith in communism or to say socialism.

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) when entered into the real life with harsh facts and challenges, was fascinating with the ideologies of socialism equality concern for the downtrodden unprivileged class etc etc. Had experienced great opportunities to confront interact argue etc with leaders like Com Basudeb, Prof. K K Bhattacharjee and even upto Com. Kanu Sanyal. BBD was lucky to get pardon from all for his stupid arguments. 

After finishing formal education, preferred to join the Bank over government job to pursue the cherished dreams. Was lucky to have personal interaction with great Com. Tarkeshwar Chakraborty for few hours. This privilege was enjoyed by BBD till his tenure as workman(?). Then, he was transferred to motherland of the ideology- that is Kolkata MAHA nagar. 

Having manufacturing defect at his top floor, BBD was always confused and could not find answer to his satisfaction even from Com Sanyal or Com Chakraborty- so was thoroughly disappointed and preferred to be a Chamcha as he believed firmly that DHONGI SE BEHTAR HAI NASTIK BAAN JAANA.

Then destiny gave him a life time experience of working under him as Manager in charge for loans – Com. Prashant Sarkar another trade union leader(?). Great Com. Prashant Sarkar taught BBD such lessons that are now encrypted too deep to forget.

The sum total of learning of BBD is that those who have faith in socialism and bla bla are worse than a snake in your sleeve. Complete double standard full of hypocracy and highly exploiting the followers’ sentiments and aspirations.

At the fag end of his physical presence in this universe BBD is destined to die with this confusion and will be obliged if he is enlightened with facts that HE WAS WRONG.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit