EK TAMAASHA mere AAGE- classic case of King Mallya

Vijay Mallya is now tasting a different type of self cooked receipy and may be enjoying the fruits of the seeds he had sown long back. As I a fanatic stupid rustic and backward mentality of Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) – he thinks that BOYE PED BABOOL KA TO AAM KANHA SE HOYE – as you sow so you reap. The daaru -to sme one liquor- to some one spirit- BBD convincingly feels that BUDDHI AUR AATMA DONO TO BHRASHT KARTI HAI – it spoils everything- so why cry? Daaru ke baad ke mazey lo!

My only sympathy is for KINGFISHER AIRLINES- not because once upon a time I was a banker hence supporting the misdeeds(?) of fellow bankers in the whole issue. We the people have always displayed selective amnesia and get easily carried away. In this case also, let us introspect honestly. Just compare the services and respect as an ordinary flier – if had occasion to enjoy the hospitality (not freebies like other privileged class) as customer with national carrier. We have tolerated all and sundry with complete protectionism on our cost – but killed KINGFISHER Sahara Deckkan et al.

Let us examine our soul with honesty- whether any support to an entrepreneur is truly given – even now. Very personal experience of BBD is just reverse. We only talk big. Whether the issue of farmers or entrepreneurs or now falling in this category poor students. The only villain is THE BANKER- as he takes decision.

In our democratic nation that is India, it is only for saying SATYAMEV JAYATE, NARYAH JATRA PUJYANTE RAMANTE TAATRA DEVTA etc. What a hypothetical approach.

Now no accountability for those who used, misused, abused the hospitality of Mallya. Cry Mallya maam cry because you were borne in MERA BHARAT MAHAAN – but mind it for solace – you are not the only -this is the country of diversity wherein you will find followers of Raja Manda and AK67 too.

…..too kaun hai aur TERA naam hai kya……..Sita bhi yahan badaam hui…….

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit