EK TAMAASHA mere AAGE- inteha-e-besharmi 

Recently there was a repeat experience of verbal dysentery exhibited by one Professor saheb named Dr. Singh at NOISEHOUR show – justifying the utter shameless behaviour of the Satta, wherein there are schools without infrastructure there are teachers without salary for months together the children are used to segregate stone and other pelf from rice to be cooked for mid day meal – but free doles for the priests of the temple of democracy- in the name of parampara- tradition. The very CM was a scion of feudal zamindar- the present incumbent claims to be social engineers believes in charwaha vidyalaya – extra bed as swing in 3tier train bogey, Airconditioned garib rath, mitti ka Kulhar instead of plastic or paper cups (every body knows the logical conclusion of great decisions taken for upliftment and blaw blaw) – want the tradition to continue- what a hypocritical thought.

Then the greatest blow and true mindset of the educated professor spilled out – choonki Bihar ne Modi ka ahankar tod diya- hence this useless debate in NOISEHOUR.

So, the well educated professor thinks about the mental condition of Aam Aadmi.

But, the root cause has been properly identified by Shri Suchindranath Aiyer who feels that



In essence, the Indian Republic carried out, far more effectively the ambitions of India’s many brutal and barbaric conquerors. They cut India off from its traditions,roots, culture and heritage. The Indian Constitution and the founding fathers created a Social Engineering nightmare that condemned India to a perpetual state of low intensity civil war to keep it suppressed and subservient to a growing neo aristocracy of rapacious uncultured and indoctrinated thugs who plundered the resources of the nation to apply to their personal pelf, pleasure, pomp, privilege, and perversions.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit