EK TAMAASHA MERE AAGE- Education Loans by PSBs

One among the most stupid decisions taken by Baba Bakhoran Dass was accepting the challenge to cleanse Pataliputra. During the period, BBD was throughly white washed by the Kshetrap who was thrown by the great Sardarji from Mangalore. The reason was recommending negative for an Education loan of one among half a dozen daughters of a small time politico-banker. The Kshetrap did not stop here only, the issue was escalated upto the ED who visited during the period. When BBD was asked by the ED for his point of view – the reply which the BBD gave was that he had only put his views as unit head, if the Kshatrap feels that it was not acceptable- then he should convey the decision accordingly for its logical end.

Ultimately, BBD was thrown out of Pataliputra with a branding. Subsequently the successor of BBD was compelled to sanction the loan. Now, the destiny had made a wonderful twist in the story. BBD was subsequently requested by the subsequent Kshatrap to play next inning at Pataliputra. Within few hours of joining of BBD, the poor girl child with her father interned the cabin for release of the last instalment of the sanctioned loan. After seeing the face of BBD once again in the cabin both of them simply went back.

As expected, the said loan is NPA.

The pressure on bankers for just throwing away the money through system beautifully named as Education Loans to individuals and as infrastructure loan to some influential personalities including those having political connections has created huge NPA account wise and amount wise both.

BBD was sacrificed- what about those responsible for faulty policy and Tughlaq like implementation. Same loans sanctioned with pleasure and not with pressure by the same stupid BBD at Hazaribagh brought pat to the organisation by none other than FM.

Meanwhile the mindless implementation has not only damaged the Banks,but to the industry, infrastructure both. Engineers Dentists MBAs and other professionals are subjected to lot of humiliation? An accountability on Dumping of Resources both human and financial?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit