GLIMPSES from the Life & Times of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD)

BBD is once again in spiritual zone without any drop of spirit. For the first time he is finding the manufacturer of spirit in trouble- else it was the consumers. So, the world is changing. For the first time an elected with massive public support state government is in war with popularly elected national government through media with huge public money. The Nayak of Kausambi turned Tughlaq of Indraprastha is wonderfully making efforts to inject opium of freebies in the blood of its subject. A time tested tool to keep its subject under toes.

But, he is not lone player of modern India nicely nurtured by our great visionary like Baapu and Chacha of the His-story.

Around a decade back BBD was make to make fishing in the troubled water of Pataliputra wherein out of 13 car of assets that included staff loans LDs too nearly 09cr was NPA. The total business was lowest among all PSB. The unit was bleeding by the wounds inflicted by its own various micro and macro organisms of the system. The great Sultan of Pataliputra Chaudhary a self proclaimed Das of Rama was in fact  classic example of incarceration of NERO the great. Once he called BBD to give a dressing down. BBD humbly and very respectfully asked as to whether he has got same roadmap for Narayanpur and Pataliputra will be the same? Not to his surprise BBD was ordered to fall in line with Narayanpur.

During the childhood BBD was told about the story of a pet monkey when given razor what disaster he brought. Now, we the people have replaced the razor with AK67 – improved one from AK47. NOW ENJOY the situation!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit