We the people are very great sir. Once upon a time there was one gentleman from Madhepura. Mr Mandal from Madhepura (popular slogan during his era was “Rome hai Pope ka Madhepura hai Gop ka” himself great Feudal Zamindar was author of extremely famous Mandal Commission- now an young intelligent emotional entrepreneur in making, incidentally from Bhumihar (branded as feudal caste by social engineers) of Begusarai is the biggest advocate of Azaadi from Brahminical slavery – an extremely minuscule population knows of contributions of Late Sachchidanand Sinha in making of Indian Constitution- are few examples of our approach towards worshipping FALSE GODS. We relish chhat pakora n take Hazmola. For the first time we are gifted of a leader who thinks and works for the nation – but we are unable to digest this. Baba Bakhoran Dass is more confused, as Dr Ram Subhag Singh ex Union Railways Minister ended his life in utter poverty, Dr Bashistha Narayan Singh vanished in oblivion!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit