It was interesting to hear Barkha didi Suhel Seth Anupam Kher during the debate organised by THE TELEGRAPH. I sincerely believe that she is well educated economically very sound responsible elite secular liberal individual. I do expect positive passionate love and emotions as she is women with roots from Bengal. But, what makes me confused and amused on her certificate to Hero of JNU and HM. At one hand she declairs herself different from Anupam Kher but joins him immediately in her outbursts. She quotes Amma Badal Mufti – but forgets that “…….hum sharminda hain…..” She does not remember Shahbaano episode not too old to forget.

I hail from a remote rural truly backward village from a very notoriously infamous area of Bihar. Not well educated and financially NOT SO SOUND, got basic education under tree, primary schooling in a room with brick kiln (if you believe) but am proud of my teachers, grandparents and parents who taught me everything that I needed for fairly nice living.

If a powerful personality like Barkha didi has such feelings I escape to read MAHABHARATA episodes once again and conclude IS DESH KO DURYODHAN SE NAHI – DHRITRASHTRA SE KHATRA HAI. JAAGO RE

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit