Is the harsh History ready  to repeat once again ?

The late father of Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) was a civil Engineer working for Govt. of Bihar. Among his various projects, there was a dam proposed by him across river Ajay passing through Bihar and Best (or West) Bengal. It passes through fields of Burdwan district also. To BBD, Burdwan soils are the Best soils for Agriculture in this state.
This story of Bakasura (or Vakasura – as per Bangla ascent, it will be better if called Bakasur) is nothing but a folio from the ledger of Glimpses from life and times of BBD. The period of stay of BBD was the wonderful period of migration from a village boy passing out from school and in the process of becoming a graduate (1969-78). Smt. Indira Priyadarshini was the Honourable Pradhan Mantri, at times blaming CIA for any trouble AND when it became out of control, to tame the Bakasur she declared emergency. BBD strongly feels that it was NEED of THE DAY and SHE was absolutely CORRECT in doing so. It was warranted. BBD as youth liked it and at 62+ still have the same sentiments and views.

As reiterated, MAHABHARATA epic had so many impressions in the greymatter of top floor of BBD, hence this story too has got links with an episode of the great epic.

There is a small village near the town of Rampurhat in the state of West Bengal called as Ekchakra.. It is said that in this city that the Pandavas were staying during their exile. According to some undescript historical folklores the town of Pandaveswar near Durgapur in the district of Burdwan is the site where that village Ekchakra existed and a well known temple having several ancient Shiva Lingams, said to have been established by the Pandavas and their mother Kunti, exists there near the banks of the river Ajay. The temple is partly controlled by the Mahants of the Nimbarka sampradaya. A Mutt of that sect, established by the erstwhile Zamindar of Ukhra , exists in the locality of Ukhra near Pandaveswar. As per other sources, the city of Ekachakra (Ekchakra-nagari) is attributed to a contemporary village Erandol, in Jalgaon district of Maharashtra. Today, tourists on the outskirts of Erandol can see the fallen rice markings of old era and a nearby water pond. Nearby Padmalay Ganesh temple on the hills is also an important tourist and pilgrim destination.
As per the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Bakasur was a Rakshasa (demon) who was killed by Bhima. The demon lived near the city of Ekachakra (sometimes Chakranagari), and who forced the then king to send him daily a large quantity of provisions, which he devoured, and not only the provisions, but the men who carried them.

Now, the said Bakasur has got a new lease of life and is well created by our Indian polity – who is well set to eat majority section of our present society represented by YOUTH. The present KING is forced to send his provisions. The provision is in the name Rohit in Hyderabad or group of disgruntled elite people of JNU, who in the name of democracy, freedom to speech, accusing intolerance and blaw blaw will not hesitate to abuse the mother – MOTHER INDIA.

Smt. Indira Priyadarshini was bold enough to take timely action and stopped the then Bakasur created by Jantoodal and paid a price but saved the nation. People of same stupid mentalilty after a gap of generation are once again getting assembled and creating such a situation for the present dispensation to do the same. This Bakasur is set to eat major chunk of supply of provisions (sorry using the word for human resource)

Now, the story for GEN-NEXT. The Pandavas and their mother Kunti were in exile. Once while going from place to place, they reached a quiet village. There they stayed in the house of a Brahmin villager who had graciously provided shelter to the Pandavas. The Brahmin had one elder daughter and a little boy. A few days were spent in peace and happiness, until one day Kunti heard cries from the Brahmin’s house and went to see what was happening. Each member of the family were willing to sacrifice their life. The Brahmin was saying that it was his responsibility to sacrifice life as he is the head of the household and it was his duty to save the family. The wife was stating that it was her duty towards the family. The daughter intervened saying that it was her duty to offer the life. In a similar way, the son was also volunteering. Kunti didn’t understand the reason behind this conversation. When she calmly requested the Brahmin to explain, he narrated the story of Bakasura. The Brahmin explained the agreement the king had with the demon about a villager taking a cartload of food and the demon eating both the food and the man that brought it. The demon had killed many of the villagers in that manner and now that it was their family’s turn, one member from his family had to take food and offer themselves to the demon. Listening to this, Kunti said she would send one of her sons to Bakasur and save the Brahmin family. She explained that the guest becomes a part of the family’s happiness and problems and so the problem of the Brahmin’s family was her problem too, so she had complete rights to solve it. When the Brahmin insisted she not make the sacrifice, Kunti stated that she had five sons, so even if one son is dead, she had four more. She finally convinced the Brahmin to send one of her own sons to Bakasur and insisted that the Brahmin has to survive and take care of his wife and children, since she knew that it would be very difficult for the wife to bring up the children without the husband – a situation she herself was in.
After discussion with the Pandavas, it was decided that Bhima would go to Bakasur to save the family and people of Ekachakranagar. Hence, Bhima took the stead of a bait villager and went with supplies to Bakasur. When Bhima reached the forest, he found Bakasur. In order to irritate him, Bhima himself ate all the food. Bakasura’s anger knew no bounds. A fierce battle erupted between the two and finally, Bhima killed Bakasur. When the news of Bakasura’s death reached the village, everyone was delighted. They wanted to celebrate the person who killed Bakasur, and everyone went to assemble in the Brahmin’s house. When the Pandavas came to know about this, they decided to leave Ekachakranagar before the assembly arrived, thinking that their identity would be known in the period of their exile. Thus ended the story of Bakasur.

The site of the slaying of Bakasur is said to be in a place called Bhimgara situated on the other side of the river Ajay in West Bengal.
Then there is a district called Pratapgarh in Uttar Pradesh. Here there is ancient religious site Bhayaharan Nath Dham’s legends claim that the monster Bakasur was killed in South Pratapgarh which was called “Dwaitwan”. Here remains were found of several Pandav sculptures. After Bhima killed the demon Bakasur, a Shiva Lingam was established here, which today is well known and famed as “Bhayaharan Nath Dham”, with the story of the Pandavas and Bakasur, the indelible marks of history. This Lord Shiva temple of the Mahabharata epic times is a magnificent venue.

Baba Bakhoran Dass is desperately looking for reincarnation of Bhima, who can take this Bakasur heads on and save the country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit