GLIMPSES FROM THE LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS – fall out of destroying DEEPASSETS and weak governance 

BBD has got some elephantine memories. Our great country was and is full of Mir Zafars and Jaichands. When ever we discuss on national character national pride national anthem we are branded communal. This is the country where Babar and Aurangzeb are revered and no body is educated about sacrifices of Gurus of a panth who were true patriots. How many of our GEN NEXT knows about Hari Singh Nalwa?

Now, thanks to LARA dynasty of Pataliputra a new definition of democracy has emerged. We, the people want to be backwards politically but want the nation to be forward. We elect the bunch of criminals to draft law for us. DEMOCRACY is now The Government WE THE PEOPLE DESERVE!

We elected Morarji bhai who destroyed the DEEPASSETS beautifully created by Indira Priyadarshini. See the fall out – Mhatre was killed – Yasin Mallick is free. Then we elected Raja Manda who made successfully innumerable corrupt minds. Then Delhi has elected Yugpurush – results are before Aam Aadmi of Delhi. Ab Bihar ki baari hai. Are we leading to United(?) state of India?

The outcome of poor governance is compromise is weak nation. Then sinister design will be create rift in the society by caste. It is interesting to conveniently forget the most powerful King of the world MAHA PADMA NAND then Chandragupta Maurya, then Samrat Ashok, then LARA dynasty – all from Pataliputra! Still a backward state. Be happy by abusing Brahmins for all evils and conveniently forgetting the contributions of Sachchidanand Sinha.


Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit