Ek Tamaasha mere aage- cry my Bihari Bandhoos

There is old saying LAMHON NE KHATA KI SADIYON NE SAZAA PAYEE- meant by  – a small mistake of moments culminates into punishment to centuries. Without exception, our BHAGYAVIDHATA have a true bastard CHAAL CHARITRA AUR CHEHRA. Poor chameleon will be ashamed if we compare our Bhagyavidhata. How brazenly they can behave…..!

Extremely tolerant INDIAN polity entertains us with very costly discussion on TOLERANCE – but see recent intruder of Rajdhani Express misbehaving a lady passenger in A/C First class and state is blind and deaf.

Not far away – just few years back no body will dare to travel from dusk to dawn even on most VIP area of Bailey Road of Pataliputra. A young intelligent RIMCOLIAN ( may be potential COAS of Indian Army or Admiral of Indian Navy or Airmarshal was brutally killed while coming from Dehradun to his native. Two sisters were lifted from rickshaw near Patna women college by GEN-NEXT of a Public prosecutor were just stray incidents besides so many other incidents of LAW & ORDER disorders.

It was termed as JUNGLE RAAJ.

Then Susashan baboo emerged on horizon and people got some respite.

Now, Bihar has used its democratic franchise. See the outcome!

Baba Bakhoran Dass while he was in active Banking service, could face humiliation only being Bihari while working in other parts of the country- the family members of senior officers of other parts of the country on transfer would not allow even wedding ring to wear. That was the image of Bihar out of Bihar.

A joker was in helms of affairs and the country was getting wonderful entertainment on heavy cost to soul and resource of the state.

Now enjoy my Bihari Bandhoos – better remain confined to your homes for rest of working hours. You are destined to remain BACKWARD STUPID IDIOTS. Enjoy licking the self inflicted wounds. Criminals do not see Caste Creed Community – nor any mark God has allotted to you on your forehead!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit