EK Tamasha mere aage

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) feels proud to be a student of RAU headed by  great visionary Dr D P Singh sir – who brought various innovations during his tenure. It was just beginning of a true hilarious era of Indian polity by a bunch of jokers, post emergency. Dr D P Singh introduced a concept of Campus Council instead of elections of student union. He also introduced innovative idea for admission to Post Graduate courses including those who were constitutionally eligible for certain reservation quota. Within the purview of laws of the land, in his own way he shaped the lives of so many students including that of BBD. He never did any action/reaction which could be termed as apeasment or anti student.

Now, just see endless list of bitter fruits of apeasement politics which at times affects not only the society or the nation. Only for sake of political gains we shout SATYAMEV JAYATE – but when it comes to practice, we look other way. Just refresh our own memories when a celebrity as a international player blames the state as being harassed due to caste affiliation, one of our own Mahamahim who incidentally took birth in a particular caste which helped him not only in getting extremely revered post – but was liked by a lot –  blamed certain discrimination due to his caste affiliation – but no punitive actions were taken against those erring individual/ group/ instituition/ organisation. Very recently one of the serving Chief Minister of a state claimed that the temple washed after his visit, as he hailed from a particular caste, an young and charming minister of Govt. of India blamed of caste based humiliation when she visited to a temple in Gujarat. No example of any punitive action against those criminals who committed such crime of creating animosity in the society. 

It raises a moot question – as to why NO LOGICAL conclusion of any such incident(s) of caste/religion based issues.

Only action taken by PLAY CARD exhibitors shouting JAATIVAD/ BRAHMANVAAD/ MANUVAAD MURDABAAD.

Enough rifts are created by we the people of polity of all kind to allow the animosity continue in the society in the guise of SAHAANOOBHOOTI & SAMVEDANAA.

BBD wishes to know – YE TAMASHAA (TAMAACHAAA) on the faces of our own people KAAB TAAK?????????? JAAGO re 

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit