Baba Bakhoran  dass(BBD) prefers now to be away from the media – whether it is print media or electronic. During his school days it was taught that SAHITYA SAMAJ KA DARPAN HAI (meant by the literature is the mirror of society). So, the fault does not of the media. May be in the available grey matter  of BBD as KOOCHH TO NAZOOK MIZAAZ HAIN HUM BHI AUR YE CHOT BHI NAI HAI ABHI …..or the society has become highly polluted like our all rivers.

BBD was further taught about character building saying that when money is lost nothing is lost, when health is lost something is lost; but when character is lost everything is lost. But personal experience of BBD was just reverse to it. The issue is whether BBD has become a mental or what? BBD strongly feels that he is deceived by none other than national Baapoo and national Chaacha. Both the great icons has proved that we the people were misled and misinformed by them jointly and severally. Subsequently they injected the virus of corruption into our CNS- Central nervous system,

The situation of the day is that an AAM AADMI the moment he wears a Topi he/she becomes alien. Offering a bribe of ONE CRORE each to the martyers of Pathankot hailing from Punjab by a seating Hon’ble CM thinking to become PM- that too well educated technical minded human being. What is this?

Then we all say we respect law of the land. Fair enough – but if so then what happened in case of SHAHBAANO?

Nobody killed Jessica! The vehicle of Salman was drunk! No justice to Nirbhaya till date! We donot know as to what had happened factually at Godhra, Muzaffarnagar, Dadri! Who was factually responsible of hanging of Gajendra Singh in front of thousands of people in the heart of DILLI? Who was responsible for hanging of two girls of Badaun village? Who are responsible for suicide of farmers?

When a pickpocket is caught in a public transport we the people lynch him to death but if swindles thousands of millions we make him our own BHAGYAVIDHATA and law maker!


Is it System my foot or MERA BHAARAT MAHAAN?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit