•  Meticulously planned and well executed crowd management by men in uniform (MiU) at NDLS Train No.12304 of 23122015

It was a pleasant surprise for BBD to see a well disciplined que at platform No.16 of NDLS under strict and vigil supervision of young , smart, well behaved MiU. To start with, he (BBD)could see an elderly Muslim gentleman with traditionally recognisable attire; and nicely developed, groomed members of his progeny. From the very core of his heart BBD thanked the MiU for being so concerned for helping the AAM AADMI who could not afford properly reserved train journey that too with huge luggage and family consisting of infants ladies and an elderly family head.

The most smart MiU was quite inquisitive of presence of BBD in that part of well groomed island – but did not ask any question.

Meanwhile, people were coming in as individual and in groups – had small talk and got directions from MiU as to whether to fall in line.

BBD could find various sub groups were made, monitored and merged; with the main stream led by that elderly Muslim gentleman who was relegated to 70th rank now due to some factors made known to BBD latter.

BBD could make out financials were the main consideration for various layers of the sub groups.

When the train arrived, now the physical strength was the criteria to penetrate into the bogey. About 300 AAM AADMI were well managed by MiU. This arrangement was wonderful and a situation of WIN WIN to all. MERA BHAARAT really MAHAAN

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit