IMG_0722.JPGThis is my very personal opinion, not withstanding intentions of hurting any body’s sentiments that the threshold of tolerance among majority of we the people are shifting. One of the greatest contributor I find is our own polity. The moment an aam aadmi (no political meaning, please) joins Indian Politics – his character stands changed. No accountability on uttering, outbursts vulgar display of emotions etc etc become explicitly visible. Animosity towards political opponents without any iota of checking the facts before going to public has become a routine affairs. A mixed bag of factors has created a sense of rebellion and affecting the level of tolerance in certain section of the society is visible. The so called intellectuals too are adding fuel to the fire. The feeling among majority has gone that they are being ridiculed by appeasement on the cost of their faith and customs.

Recent reactions by intellectuals (?) in haste and without knowing the facts shown in public has put significant damage to the Nation.

This is in special reference to views of Aamir Khan the Bollywood actor. To me, in all fairness he never said that he is leaving the country, but he should have understood the scenario due to Islamic fundamentalism in the world. It is hard for me to digest that an adored actor of my country, even in a weaker moments, feeling so hopeless that they should consider opting out of the country. It was his responsibility to think that when a figure like him chooses to crack open an already polarized debate (thank to uncontrolled stupid spokespersons suffering from FMD), Aamir  and even Shahrukh, Raza Murad and Nasiruddin Shah should get every nuance in the scripts/facial expression right. Or else the words will come bouncing back with charges of perpetuating a culture of victimhood (let us remember Azhraruddin). Such incidents will certainly provide fodder to those who project Muslims as lacking commitment to the country. A sizable number of vested interest wish to create a sense of fear among Muslims and sense of alienation and being ridiculed among Hindus.

Such situation will be highly detrimental to approach of NATION first. You may NOT like NaMO – but donot hate MERA BHARAT MAHAAN.




Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit