Lynching of Akhlak at Bisahda and burning of two infants of Sunped – very inhuman and tragic events around NCR puts the nation to shame. No doubt.  But the issues triggered very disturbing chain of events by wonderful brains of MERA BHARAT MAHAAN. Perhaps community and caste took lead rather than humanity.

Now, more than a year back during bye election in Bihar a Brahmin priest of a temple was accused of cleaning the temple after visit of serving CM of the state as Hon’ble CM hailed from Dalit community. Such act is a crime as per law of the land. No action was taken against the priest instantly. Thereafter a committee headed by IAS officer was formed to take the alleged incident to its logical end.

Wonderful media coverage. But aam aadmi of MERA BHARAT MAHAAN is deprived of the fact and the families so suffered used abused misused and dumped into dustbin. JAAGO RE

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit