ABC analysis of great Indian politico.


Baba BAKHORAN DASS is a great admirer of pure dynastic democracy model of Indian politics, and has highest regards for LARA dynasty and MSY dynasty and excellent social engineering module  of BMW.

LARA dynsasty has proved beyond doubt that DEMOCRACY IS THE GOVERNMENT PEOPLE DESERVE.

To prove the point with reinforcement are few examples wherein our BHAGYAVIDHATAs have publicly conveyed their views about the IQ level of we-the people:

01. Three Hon’ble CMs are so ignorant about the law of the land on BEEF – but donot have control over their verbal diarrhoea.

02. Without any exception, a good number of super intelligent politico have very strong adverse views on NaMo – in all capacities – not only as individual but as a leader of a recognised political party – but even as PM of 127 million population. They have made their best efforts to prove that NaMo is a FAILED VILLAGE CHOWKIDAR and is responsible for Bisahda(nee Dadri UP) unfortunate incident. He is a failed DAROGA (refer VYAPAM), failed SAFAI KARAMCHARI and is responsible for DILLI KA KOODA, a failed intelligence officer who could not prevent killing of few eminent writers and few individuals belonging to a particular community, failed SUPPLY INSPECTOR and is responsible for hoarding adulteration and price rise.

03. Inspite of all stupid provocations he does not engage in speak in a irresponsible behaviour.

Lists are endless. Now BBD is confused – but having faith in Indian polity and constitution etc have now feeling that NaMo is responsible for constipation and heartburn of BBD.

Please correct me, if I am wrong 

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit