GLIMPSES FROM LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS(Havelock island in South Andamans revisited)

GLIMPSES FROM LIFE & TIMES OF BABA BAKHORAN DASS(Havelock island in South Andamans revisited)
It was late eightees when the then Sultan of Bangpradesh advised Baba BAKHORAN DASS to explore the viability of having an unit at Havelock and Neil Islands in South Andamans. BBD assisted by the then unit head of Long Island Zanab Arun Chaudhari visited the place via Straight Island and Guitar Island. Straight island is flanked one side by Bay of Bengal while other side it is the creek. A straight long wonderful beach facing the Bay of Bengal with no member of mammals other than yourselves gave a life time experience to BBD. For food it was the plumule of coconut the only available item. But the item was so filled with energy that BBD’s hunger for the day was fully satisfied. Then after few moments of feast to eyes in the company of four legged deears at guitar island BBD landed at Havelock. Besides one saw mill, there was a branch of State Cooperative Bank and a couple of shops nothing was there to evince any interest. Hence BBD decided to close the chapter permanently. The wonderful experience of having lost any connectivity with rest of the country and family for few hours and with only available food (only 72 hours stale) locally called as Loochi ( a sort of paratha made of maida) both Arun and BBD had never even dreamt in their lives. But experienced. Spent night in company of rodents.

Now BBD is at private beach of a resort named as ElDorado of Vijay Nagar Havelock with his candyfloss recollecting the follies of stupidity that he could not foresee the future. State Bank of India and the same State Cooperative Bank are doing brisk business. A lot of activities related to tourism.

This is called CHANGE

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