BABA BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) was borne in a remote village not far from the capital of great Magadh kingdom – but too far from development process. You will not find any trace of evidence of being ruled by some power. Absolutely NO INFRASTRUCTURE. It was told by the elders of the BBD that their elders were astrologers and the kingdom of Tekari and Belkhara granted them zagirs as reward of acknowledgement of the skill of factual forecasts – hence its name was declared as Pathak Bigha. Surrounded by Bhumihaars and Yadavs totally dependent on meagre income from traditional farming ( even today the village donot have MB plough – forget about Farm Mechanisation and improved seed or green revolution) and late father of BBD who supported the entire family with his salary from Govt of Bihar. BBD did schooling from Nagla and Kinjar – now in Arwal district notoriously infamous for LWE. How a member of MINORITY group (irrespective of caste creed community) with above average skill is treated by majority (again irrespective of any caste creed community) is personally experienced by BBD. This is classic character of our society.

Our politico understands it better than aam aadmi and uses this tool for” apna oolloo sidha karna” – but still we are having illusions.

It never creeped into the head of BBD as to in which caste he was borne. BBD never had any issues with any body – but was ridiculed directly indirectly advertantly inadvertantly intentionally non-intentionally for being borne in a Hindu Sanatan Brahmin family. A good number of readers may not agree – but my experience is my very personal asset. I am proud of my upbringing and have very strong feeling of being Hindu Sanatan Brahmin having strong liking and disliking without animosity and ill will. And to me it is the asset of a Hindu.

Certain section of our own bretheren have strong hatred towards persons borne in family of Brahmins. Most of such believers find no problem with Mughals nor the Britishers. They conveniently and blissfully are ignorant about ZAZIA, DOLA etc etc – but remember with strong animosity and malice towards Brahmins.

Sounds funny! This is your problem. MERA BHARAT MAHAAN

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit