EK TAMASHA MERE AAGE (the nation of dynasties)

It is true that Mera Bharat is really mahaan. If history of any nation/person/family/society/community has got any relevance, Baba BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) is convinced that History is science. We have read Nand Vansh, Gupt Vansh, Maurya Vansh in the past. Mughals, Mlechchh etc etc. All history. Nehru(Gandhi) Vansh, Abdullah Vansh, Scindhiya Vansh, LARA Vansh etc. etc.

Very recently one of our Hon’ble BHAGYAVIDHATA refreshed our memories that the vanshas of any Vansh need not work for their livelyhood. How true? The Pradhan of LARA made his vanshas a super speciality doctor who could not examine even any of the family. Forget the manufacturing cost that the aam aadmi bore for making her a super specialist. Another vanshas was thought by the Pradhan as a great player. But, then the natural justice does not permit to allow him to work for a living. That is dynastic rule. An aam aadmi becomes Pradhan of a dynasty by opposing dynastic rule. What an irony! Now the Pradhan is exhibiting THE WORST qualities of all colours of dynastic canvass against which he pretended to fight. Jai ho – this is now called social engineering – mere desh mein. By the way any comment on MSY dynasty?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit