GLIMPSES from LIFE & TIMES of BABA BAKHORAN DASS (Credit decisions & Emotions)

Let it not be one among episode of the series of vidhwa vilap from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality – full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate, Baba Bakhoran Dass requests the readers to show him light.

The Almighty has always been graceful to BBD, as the life BBD has so far experienced is a good mix of ingredients that makes a wonderful chaat. The tingling taste of chaat can only be experienced, not described.

A typical dilemma has crept in in the minds of BBD. Credit decisions & Emotions – whether a paradox and need of the day? Today BBD had experienced a communication between him and his supporting human asset two young boys. Well dressed, well mannered, with nice educational background. But communication…. simply unbelievable. BBD vividly remembers his growing days when his father used to scold him for his extremely poor communication skills. His late father was of the views that communication skills of BBD were so pathetic that will come in the way of his respectable career settlement. But now, with young generation that BBD thinks that had his father would be alive, he would have got real shock.

Then comes an episode of Pataliputra, when his subedar (RM) was so annoyed by the observations of BBD on a Educational loan proposal of a girl child that the matter was escalated to the level of the 2nd in command in the organisation and became a national issue – branding BBD as speed breaker in credit dispensation.

Those were the days of advent of new schemes like Personal Loans, Vehicle Loans, Consumption Loans and the green colour representing farm loans was replaced by large sized Houses and Cars etc. etc. One day a gentleman, who himself was a General Manager of a Local Area Bank walked in with his daughter for an Education Loan for her. For two of his daughters (as per information gathered by BBD) he had arranged Education Loans from other Banks, and now was our tern to accommodate his 3rd daughter. BBD could not ascertain as to why his own Bank could not consider the proposal(s) due to his very high position in his own Bank.

BBD gave application forms and other supporting papers as per formalities the organization and asked her to prepare two page exercise as to why her loan proposal should be considered, and assuming that the loan is sanctioned how she will repay back. As the proposed destination was Bangalore – BBD advised her to write in simple English.

Incidentally, BBD had wonderful experience of Education Loan at Hazaribagh and then FM of the country (as he represented as Hon’ble MP of Hazaribagh) was very happy as ours was the first Bank to sanction any Education Loan. BBD had a confirmed conviction that Education Loan to a DESERVING candidate is a real investment. On earlier occasions, two guardians were unhappy with BBD for his views on their proposals for not being considered. One was for Hotel Management and another was for engineering course. It was a different matter, that both the guardians were appreciative to the the decision of BBD – but after a gap of one year.
In the instant case, the communication and comprehension of the applicant girl was so poor that BBD in his process note mentioned that sanctioning of loan to her will not be wise decision. As per policy of the Bank, BBD was having Sanctioning Powers, but Power to Reject was with his Boss. Incidentally, the unit and the office of Subedaar saab was in the same building and only one floor above. Without mincing words, BBD shared his views, having regards to the sentiments of a father that his child is the Best, for regretting the proposal. The gentleman approached Subedaar saab, and BBD was accordingly summoned in his dar-bare-khaas (Cabin) and given direction to change his views. BBD expressed his inabilities and tried to explain as to why. To cut the story short, this became bone of contention, and the gentleman father threatened BBD that if this proposal is not considered BBD should be ready to pack up.

After few days of the episode, there was visit of Tallukedaar saab (DGM) and the 2nd in command (ED) to Pataliputra. During day time a through white washing was awarded to BBD by Tallukedaar saab. BBD though that the tremor of the decision is over. But he was wrong. There was a dinner Hotel Pataliputra Ashok in the honour of all visiting guests. Just after serving of deserts BBD was called with trio at another side of table and poor BBD to face. The Subedaar saab narrated to ED the entire story including sobbing of the girl child in his dar-bare-khas. Concluding words of the Subedaar saab was that this BBD is so insensitive to the tears of a poor girl child.

Then, the ED asked – YES Mr BBD, what you have to say. BBD told ED as under, “Sir, my branch is situated in the main market with abundant visibility. I donot have luxury to mix sentiments with credit decisions – particularly when 9C is NPA against total credit of 13C. Moreover, I donot have the powers to reject. I have put my observations and it is now upto the sanctioning authority as to whether he accepts or rejects his recommendations. The proposal is lying in his office since last 45 days. I seek his decision.”

Subedaar saab became wild and could not keep himself calm and pointed to ED – sir see his audacity – he is asking my decision. The ED cooly asked him – what prevents you communicating the decision! The ED put his palm over the shoulder of BBD and advised “Mr BBD take care”.

After few days BBD was shifted to Kolkata and the new Branch Head sanctioned the loan and released.

But, there was something more in the store. After lapse of few years, BBD was again given a challenge to clean the mess of Pataliputra – Season 2. The last instalment was pending for release. NO interest service, not a single credit in the loan account, and same familiar face in the cabin. The father and daughter due one day walked into the cabin, saw the face of BBD and turned back without wasting each other’s time.

But, the moot question remains unanswered – whether emotions and credit decision makes a bad cocktail?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit