The VYAPAM  issue of Madhya Pradesh is getting murkier by every moment. Although the issue is not new. Baba BAKHORAN DASS is well aware that way back during 70s also Mr X was appearing for Mr A with some consideration and allowing Mr A to enjoy the fruits that he/she did not deserve. But, no body was killed other than the merit of the nation. But now? Wonderful development exhibited by our democracy and the highly insensitive polity. Corruption is not new and only in the dreams of Arvind Bhai it will be eliminated. Munger Lal Ji ke haseen aapne. But in this entire TAMAASHA are we the ppl really  concerned of merit? Ms Bharti a Radiologist from very reputed Institute costing millions to we the ppl has so far not even helped her father by her super speciality professional degree. Is she alone? Cry and pay the price of being Indian Democracy well defined by LARA dynasty- this is the govt. V d ppl deserve

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit