To me, puja (worship of the Almighty) is a purely personal issue. If HE is father of all – irrespective of the faith he or she practices – certainly HE will not be very comfortable when I do my puja which puts my neighbour to trouble. I never participated in any Bhagwati Jagran or Sai Palki – as high decibel atmosphere is highli injurious to persons like me who are thriving on heart with stents and poor examinees whose papers are due – next day. Although I feel proud of being a Hindu – but I donot hv any problem with those who are different from me. Till otherday I was romantically fascinated by the way in which my Christian friends used to offer their Puja in Churches. My problem just started recently when my son got an accommodation near a PENTECOSTAL CHURCH. I feel terrified on Sunday as I feel like a deaf and dumb when I face a very high decibel prayer. At first instance I thought they are screaming SHRI RAM. Then, immediately I realised by sheer stupidity. But, the issue is my complete ignorance of the language they use. The head preast screams as such that somebody is mercilessly beating him. The chorus of disciples which follows and aggrevates the pitch of rev head priest makes me truly scared. If any of readers of these words can make me decifer as to what type of Puja or Prayer is this? Biological sounds not necessarily cannot be understood by stupid like me – but what about scary sound bytes! Please help – if you can.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit