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Today morning, Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) received an electronic message from one among his various mentors, who is now 80+, questioning him (very obvious due to his love and affection for BBD) as to why he is referring to forgotten issues. RV was right in his rights to ask. The dilemma is with BBD, as to whether old is gold or present is platinum! As usual BBD is confused.

BBD had replaced Bade waale Pandit ji (BWP) at Ghaziabad as FR, after a gap of nearly 2-3 years after his elevation, and was forced to look after all and sundry related to FR along with regular job of LDO/DO etc. etc. So, during one of such visits to Chhipiyana Bujurg (Now Greater NOIDA (West), he visited Chaudhary Rajvir, who was financed by BWP for Poultry (Layers). But, poor Rajvir could not identfy the birds properly, and by the time he could realize that he is expecting eggs from the male birds, it was too late and had suffered the brunt of being first generation entrepreneur. Whatever, relief package as per HO circular could be given to Rajvir was extended by BBD without asking. However, Rajvir tried what ever he could do, but GOD (Bank) could disposed the issue in its own way. BBD was out of scene toiling some where in Andaman & Nicobar Islands , managing the debt waiver issues of Campbell Bay. Meanwhile, it was decided that the Main branch will not handle unwanted rural people, and all such cases were transferred to R/% branch. But, incidentally, the Officer-in-charge KPS was having customer service orientation in much more aggression and extremely positive approach, if compared to BBD.

By the time, the account became barred with 100% provision. With all his sincere efforts KPS could not get endorsement (AoD) from Rajvir, and the situation was exposed for an axe to some body’s scalp. KPS did not want this situation.

So, one day KPS took BBD to Chhipiyana Bujurg. Rajvir was reluctant to talk to any body who represented the organization where service was the way of life with a new doze of jugglery “Customer delight”. But, remembered a Bihari who had helped him.

Then BBD requested him to see his face assumung without a beard (it was a new identity addition for BBD). Rajvir, recollected immediately and rest was a history as to not only he acknowledged the debt, but offered tea and snacks etc too. KPS as gracious he was also reciprocated in befitting manner.

The confusion and dilemma of BBD gets magnified, when he finds a complete VOID between the beneficiaries of the mutual relationship.

Any help please ….?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit