Series of vidhwa vilap from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality
– full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

“…….aur Bharat mar gaya (….and Bharat(India) died….)” was an article published in leading news paper of wild west Uttam Pradesh. Shri Bharat Singh was the name of farmer who committed suicide in the premises of the then annadata organization of Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD). The CEO of the organization ordered high level enquiry in the episode and wanted the recommendation of BBD to avert such situation in future. BBD used his best of abilities to ascertain the fact and come out of his original thinking – knowing well that he has got a ‘manufacturing defect’ to get bottom of the fact. As the matter is subjudice, the time is not appropriate to share findings of BBD.
Issue of suicide of farmers, to BBD is taken by our politico to a feverish pitch, full of passion and emotions and vulgar display of all sorts of negativity with a claim that ONLY they are the saviours. This issue is not that simple as our politico (most of whom suffer from a disease called as FMD) think or express. Nobody is ready to go deep into it. Shame on all of us jointly and severally. Head of BBD hangs in shame today, while writing these emotional outbursts on unfortunate demise of Late Gajendra Singh Rajput.
How unfortunate, when a human being in the heart of National Capital in front of History Creator Hon’ble Chief Minister, surrounded by thousands hands – kills himself , and we call MERA BHARAT Mahaan!
Our leaders keep on lecturing, talking only nonsense (till writing of these lines only RaGa had shown real maturity) and ushering only and only further humiliation to the farming community. The disease which started from Andhra Pradesh (way back during late seventies has become like a Vakasura of Mahabharata era and) spread its tentacle everywhere.
There will be waste of time to discuss the hypocrisy, utter nonsensical type of comments of all politico and our own urban illiterates (no matter what background educational/ financial/social they have) are making. Only shame – to all of us, we – the people.
Now, late Gajendra Singh Rajput owns an answer, which he will never get. BBD has confirmed conviction that the team AK67 has got highest level of skill to raise the decibel of passion to its highest level.To the best of knowledge and belief, AK67 has himself seen the farmers’ initiative to manage farming under distress. He himself has experienced Ralegaon Siddhi and Hiwre Bazaar in Maharashtra. Now, being the most powerful public figure, how come he becomes so insensitive. Whether politics is so powerful poison that it takes all your senses and so fast to make you so insensitive that you go on lecturing the inert gathering.
Now, BBD very respectfully, begs to submit following points to all and sundry – particularly those in powers (social/political/financial and so on …..)
Please do not assert you power to raise the passion of us, the people without any safety valve. The society will suffer. Let the people be educated properly. We know, how Gandhari of Mahabharata had used the Caracas of her own sons to pluck mango fruit, after the war was over. Please donot do that.
To find amicable solution, besides other things please:
• Be factually aware of the plight of educated, skilled farmers of Campbell Bay (army settlers) during late seventies, and how they were exploited by the state. Ultimately whether real justice was meted out to them!
• Go through the recommendations of Ojha Commitee (Cotton growers of Andhra Pradesh), and examine as to why SAA was so mercilessly killed.
• Understand abuse of chemicals in Agriculture, whether it is Pithoria near Ranchi in Jharkhand or Nawashahr in Punjab.
• Have courage to find reasons as to why institutional credit to farm sector has increased so astronomically while available land had decreased and so the farm production (not in any acceptable ratio).
• Have courage to find link between endebtness and consumption of alcohol.
• Have courage to examine the growth of loans against Jewels (particularly Farm Loans against Jewels) any impact on Kissan Credit Card business growth.
• Have courage to examine as to whether there may be reason for availing Debt swap through institutional channel, even after more than decades of lending made so cheap and so liberal.
• Have test check on end-utilisation of outflow of KCC limits.
• Make sincere efforts and incentivise SHG concept of NABARD.
• Everybody is talking about price, what about transfer of technology, and agricultural extension education programmes – (make efforts as to who is doing and how effective they are)!
• Better our politico keep their mouth shut in public rather than talking on cost of marriage of daughter of farmer (marriage – not education – what a shame!)
• Land acquisition is NOT an issue – the real issue is – who is going to farms! Be honest in asking yourselves, how many GEN-NEXT is willing to take up farming as profession!
If Israel can do it, what prevents us? In the best interest of our own people, shed off all inhibitions and take hard decision to save us. Keep politics away for some time, please ………….!

The most ignored section of the society
The most ignored section of the society

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit