(-Do we really love our GEN-NEXT? – time to introspect honestly)
Baba Bakhoran Dass has developed ain irritating habit of finding fault with the system. Few days back, he read somewhere that Govt. of Rajasthan has decided to close down more than 17,000 schools. Maharashtra state has planned to close down nearly 14,000 Schools. Very recently, all of us have seen 4 storied drama of examination system being conducted by Bihar Schools Examination Board. This was a classic example of collapse of administration. The drama was enacted just a few Kilometre away from the seat of power in the state capital. The Hon’ble Minister displayed his complete helplessness.

Was it something new? At least for BBD, it was not. BBD still remembers the same episode way back during the same period of 1969. BBD was busy in making small “Chootka” (a small chit with points for expansion in finals) to be hidden in cloths for next day exams. The younger bro saw it and informed to father. The outcome was a slap just beneath the earlobe accompanied by verbal beating too. Father of BBD was an engineer and wanted his useless elder son to become an engineer. However, BBD got the right signal and thanks to so many factors (excluding any type of unfair means) – BBD got 1st class. But, BBD still remembers his classmate Krishna Pandit. He was a classic example of downtrodden member of society which was financially, socially, politically – you may name all factors. BBD remembers very vividly that his father could not afford a shirt for him. It was a new banyan on the day of examination, and in lieu of a new shoe, his father could afford a pair of new sock. For God’s sake, the readers please do not doubt the integrity of this narration. The examination centre was at VT School Jehanabad. Fearing the chances of cheating, the Centre Superintendent had made arrangement of seating in the veranda, so that supply of cheating papers could be avoided through windows. But, we – the people are innovative. Long lean bamboo sticks were used to come across this hurdle. What amused BBD most was that father of Krishna Pandit was so hyper active, that he crossed all the hurdles and the gentleman who could not afford a shirt and pair of shoes for his son, could manage “chootka” and successfully, passed on to his son. BBD, never met Krishna Pandit after the examination and is not aware as to where and how is Krishna Pandit is passing his time. Mind it, please – it was 1969.

The tight slap of Baboo ji (father) was the foundation stone for BBD, who could achieve something in his life and contributed significantly to the society/organization/family and feels proud of the same.

The period was an era of social churning politically and Baboo Mahamaya Prasad ji was leading us with wonderful dose of opium by naming us ZIGAR KE TOOKDE. Just after few years, the leadership went to Shri Kedar Pande, who very forcefully curbed the menace. Those who have passed any examination from Bihar during 1973 will remember the changed scenario. Among various contributions, contribution of Shri N. Nagmani IAS, the then Commissioner of Muzaffarpur was the Best.

Now, BBD is confused as usual, as he is now no more a YOUTH and has become pessimist. During his period, there was NO mid-day meal, No health check ups. He passed his Basic education from Nagla, where there was only one room for all classes. What is the road map of the Government for our GEN-NEXT? To start with basic education, we are having RTE! Good statistics on papers. BBD understands that upto class VIII in Bihar state 100% results are achieved! Good. Then why this kolaveri di during Class X?

The opium is not only being injected in Bihar, we have seen in Uttar Pradesh, Punjab – rather being omnipotent and omnipresent! We have seen its outcome during 1977, 1990 and now during 2014-15 during Delhi elections! The youth power is used/abused/misused and thrown in the dustbin of history. To add miseries, we find fault for the crime that we are committing and conveniently blame them for all the malice in the society they commit subsequently.

Whether anybody talks about Behaviour, feelings, Character, brotherhood, sentiments, Service, innovations, cooperation, entrepreneurship, nature and water conservation initiatives among our youth – who are going to replace the present generation? Will these words remain only in dictionaries like “Neelkanth” “Sparrows” and so many flora and fauna (now extinct and available only in pictures)? Are we going to die with an unpaid debt to our GEN-NEXT?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit