Kurian is a common name among the followers of St. Thomas Christians in Kerala, Bangalore etc. It is believed to be a name given to a male child born on Sunday. Some well
known and famous personalities, BBD remembers are Vergehese Kurien (AMUL), Kurien George. V J Kurien, Thomas Kurien, P V Kurien, T K Kurien, Mathew Kurien, Dolma Kurien, Diana Kurien.
BBD also learns that they are a single largest ethnic group. No where in India is their a large and ancient Christian community which has in time emmorial been accorded a high status in the caste hierarchy. They operate very much as a caste or at least a very caste like group and they are regarded by persons like BBD as a caste occupying a high place within their caste hierarchy. Technically, BBD feels that Christians were outside caste hierarchy, but in practice a system of inclusion and exclusion was developed among them too. Now, it seems they have started following rules that are practiced by BBD and likes. At times they were treated as pollution neutralizers. But it seems they are more polarised than caste Hindus.
The history says depicts them as a naked and innocent child riding on a wild boar and are prayed for the happiness of the family and restoring the health of sick children.
BBD believed this theory and welcomed him in his family. Now, my friends, please enlighten BBD if he is right! Aameen

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit