We- the people

Baba BAKHORAN DASS (BBD) was having a chat with the actual voters of Indraprastha. Without any exceptions, all of them have not only voted to AK49 – but canvassed a sizeable number of votes for him. Incidentally all of them were apolitical. BBD is convinced that AK49 and his team members are having killers precision in touching the raw nerves of we- the people who are hyper emotional. Now, a sizeable number of the members of acquired all the qualities of real Indian politician. Then with this lethal cocktail the outcome will be certainly in favour of them. If you donot believe in miracles, now no points of guessing.
What was the most interesting point has really amused BBD. When further asked the rationale behind the decision, following key points were shared by them:
01. I wanted to be Ashwa-thama for NaMo.
02. One more chance should be given.
03. Strategy of NaMo was not good.
04. We donot want Police Raaj.

So, tomorrow Bhau will be Indraprastha ka KING. BBD is seeking views of all readers of this feeling – are we a matured democratic? Do we really want the nation to grow? We have experienced when Hon’ble late PHOOLAN Devi was being elected as Member of P, Shri T N Sheshan got his deposits .,.,,,,,,,! MERA BHARAT MAHAAN

This was scribed few weeks ago. My request to friends of Delhi – kindly share your views as of NOW

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit