BBD is writing this story from a place where he had seen wonderful crop of Potato during 1996. The piece of land was part of history of Aryavart. Panchaal during old days. Nearby places known for Maharshi Jamdagni, his son Lord Parshuram. Then witness of 1857. Now witnessing development in a different way. During 1996 the human density of the piece of land was not more than 10 – now it is around 30K. Not a single cockroach till 1998 (at least) but presently countless.
The photograph attached to this story depicts mustard as main crop mixed with Poplar and Stonefruit in the background. During 1996, there were wonderful harvest of fruits and other horticultural plants. Hopefully by 2020 – if alive, BBD may not find any greenery, forget about wild life. Yesterday BBD had encounters with Jackals and Rabbits in this area. But, by 2020 , the same may be replaced by Cockroaches and Rats etc.
BBD is irrelevant now, but confused on this type of development



Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit