During 1990-91 PSBs were asked to handle nearly a lakh of claims under KCC ( no reference to present KCC). It was sponsored by UN. BBD was exposed to handle such claims in his own native, where the whole issue was mishandled in such a way that one of the beneficiary who was a doctor settled in LA had referred his claims to a US lawyer to sue us. Doctor Saheb was so frustrated of our approach which was evasive and highly non professional that he was left out with no other option. The compensation claimed was mind boggling. Luckily he had come to his native for some domestic compulsions. So, he advised his lawyer to put the things for hold till he returns from native.
Entire issue was new for BBD – but his passion for “where service is way of life” made the things easy. Ultimately much before his departure from native, the amount was credited to his account. Doctor Saheb was so thrilled that he invited BBD to be his guest at LA on his cost. Those were the days when e-Mail was a luxury – but Doctor Saheb was kind enough to withdraw the case against us and complimented the works done by us to the highest authority. Nothing new – but a time tasted (tested top) fact that We Indians are more humane as customer. THANQ doctor Saheb!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit