It was chilling Sunday when Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) decided to pamper his taste buds in the company of his candyfloss. So, it was decided to enjoy the hot lunch at Udupi Krishna restaurant at Navyug Market Ghaziabad. BBD has just forgotten that on Sundays, there is weekly market on the roads/pavements – locally known as Painth. So, when he arrived at entrance of the market – it was thickly crowded. To avoid getting the pocket picked, he preferred to use the route of Amdekar park. Till entry of the park, there were no issues, but excluding only one exit, all exit points were completely blocked by all sorts of vendors. BBD was a bit perplexed, as to what next – either reverse back or climb over the fence. Then a Good Samaritan came and suggested the avail the available exit route. So, both Mrs and Mr BBD proceeded towards that way. By the time bright Sunshine had created some warmth and youth brigade and small children from nearby resettlement clusters had come to enjoy the same. Two young girls were also enjoying the Sun wrapped in a blanket. Meanwhile, two police constables entered the scene from the exit gate and started questioning small children and those young girls.

Reaching Udupi Krishna was really a tough task, as movement was so thick that better word to explain the situation was “penetrating the crowd”. The police force of Wild West Uttam Pradesh (WWUP) was performing the duties over loud speaker giving all sorts of advisories. Having enjoyed the nice food, BBD wanted to venture into another experience – that was Vegetable market. While negotiating the exit from the madding crowd of Navyug Market, BBD was having only one thought in his mind like Mehmood (a comedian of Hindi movies in good old days) played a typical character in a movie named MAIN SUNDAR HOON. The feeling was very nauseate – as to what will happen if some miscreants create some mischief by bursting even a small Deepawali crackers. The causality will run in hundreds.

Whether the administration personified by two police constables busy in harassing small children enjoying Sunshine, keeping hundreds of life into discomfort and risk, are waiting for any disaster like Patna Gandhi maidan stampede just few days ahead – with NO action against those responsible for the mishap? Is there no escape route for the administration to manage the crowd which is a regular phenomenon? Are we so insensitive?

Any answers, please!

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit