Series of vidhwa vilap from an enigmatic, diabolical and vicious split personality
– full of contradictions, a Megalomaniac and overall, a Devil incarnate

Baba Bakhoran Dass (BBD) is at a loss as usual, recollecting so many incidents in sync. The present episode is related to an issue when he was roaming in CLOUD9. During his induction/orientation (period) of job that destiny had fixed for him, it was told that, “WE ARE THE ORGANISATION WHERE SERVICE IS THE WAY OF LIFE”. So, the opium of this word overwrote all what was in his grey matter.
Having said so, let us come to the brass-tacks. He was rewarded as Subedar of Mazharulpath unit. It was an example of dream comes true, as he never thought in his wildest dreams that he may get such opportunity – hence he moved from CLOUD7 to CLOUD9 and committed series of misadventures (?). One among such incidents was Royal treatment to an undeserving beneficiary. M/S Simanchal Construction was the client enjoying normal transactions with a national account. Transactions were brisk and satisfactory. However, the initial transactions like opening of account, compliance of statutory requirements, documentations etc. could well be discussed by different people in different ways.
One day, when the entire area was facing law & order problems dues to a shoot-out, the gentleman representative of this company approach BBD for a TOD, to face all of sudden financial crisis. BBD agreed and allowed so. As a part of “WE ARE THE ORGANISATION WHERE SERVICE IS THE WAY OF LIFE – with a renewed pledge of Customer service for their delight”. As per rules, the facility is of very short term period of 15 days.
Now, having done so, BBD was not only grilled by his superiors, ridiculed by the HIS ALMIGHTY Customer (The beneficiary) and was poorer by more than INR1500 in various telephone calls. The only happy end was intervention of GOD in his own way and could get back the money in the way that BBD never thought to do so.
During school days, BBD had read a story of Dacoit Khadag Singh and a saint Baba Bharti written by a Hindi writer Sudarshan ji. Was this episode on the same lines?

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit