There is a prevalent story in the area where Baba BAKHORAN DASS had roots. A lavish dish must contain 56 types of eatables. A lady cooked the full course of 56 types and served to the guest of the family for a dinner. But, she added a pint of human excreta on top of a piece of household broom besides the main plate. Although this 57th item was microscopic in quantity but the effect can only be imagined.
Now, how come this story in the beginning of a fresh year and during wonderful morning is haunting BBD? The climate of the day has made BBD to think like Harold Robbins and Robinson Crussoe in sync and make a bitter bloody merry.
A few hyper active (hopefully Gen Next) had wonderful definition of their faith(?) on Hinduism. To them, if you are not a Hindu (as per their definition) you do not have a right to be alive! What an idea Sir Ji?
In this wonderful piece of universe a porn star is acceptable but a rape victim is condemned. What happens to our values – no body is interested. We can enjoy MAN TADPAT HARI DARAHAN KO AAJ, EK TERA NAAM SANCHAA DOOJO NA KOI and numerous such melodies sung/acted upon by those who have different faith. The same Aamir Khan when delivered hard hitting dialogues in SARFAROSH – it did not matter – but PK is making turmoils – as if Hinduism and its God’s dignity has landed in danger. When highly offensive narratives of Lalu bhaiya were telecasted on Ramjanam bhoomi – we, the people were shouting ZINDABAAD. All wonderful and historic happenings during LARA dynasty was accepted. We, the people enjoyed removal of dhoti in the temple of democracy in one of our own motherland. Juveniles are committing heinous crimes, the society is brooding Fidayeens, and one more religion is falling in line of being fragile by a drama called PK!
We talk about human rights – nice, it should be – but how many among us have witnessed a human child sharing PAKHAL BHAAT (cooked boiled rice) with a street dog as parents of this poor child has gone out to earn livelyhood, keeping this child in a hut tied with a belt and a KHOONTA.
Readers of this article, please pray God (of your choice) for creeping this cold of north of mera Bharat mahaan to the hyper agitated grey matters of those people who are using foul and abusive language with all sorts of justification of their definition of Hinduism – the same faith wherein there was AADI SHANKARA.
JAAGO RE and please keep the 57th item at its proper place in commode and not on dinning area. Let the present government show and donot find any escape route to tackle the probable economic meltdown and from the silent attack of expansionist China and growing Islamic terrorism. Let us educate and unite with a sense of AGRAHTAR SHAKALAM SHAASTRAM PRISHTARAH DHANOOH (knowledge on forefront and weapons on the back)!


Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit