Baba BAKHORAN DASS has got an impression that any negativity in the character starts with mazboori, then it gets to next level zaroorat; ultimately it becomes habit. There was a young lad with lot of idealism. Then he started his career for social service. The organisation was good but the environment was not congenial. Based on constant encouragement and emotional support from his closest friend the boy joined a new organisation which give him all that he needed. The boy became addict of environment to the extent that he ignored the basics of life LOVE YOUR JOB – NOT THE ORGANISATION. The chap ignored all signals and landed to the land of mafia. Having got fully charged with stupid sentiments, the boy now physically matured enough, but DIL TO BACHCHA HAI JEE- did even injustice to his dependent and instead of spending time and money on them, he did it to the organisation. The cost of place of work in the land of mafia needed some money, first instalment of which the Young Idiot paid by borrowing money at interest. For the next instalment, the amount was through PEOPLE’s LOVE. The PL5000 would have been funded by the organisation – but failed by the Boss. The Young Idiot was all the period used, abused and treated like a doormat. BBD seeks comments on the episode of this close encounter with the corruption.

Author: mahesh3006

A retired development banker with strong bias towards rural development through microcredit